River Of Tears


“Still got the flowers that you sent
And the note you wrote that said
That we’re meant to be forever
I keep them as evidence
In a drawer under the mirror
Filled with empty promises
I don’t know why”

Jennie Hair – Kuni @ Sense Event
Kyong Skin – Pumec
Cutie Liner – Unicult
Satoka Lip Balm – Mudskin @ Neo-Japan
Scarab Pendant and Earrings – Fortuna @ Sense Event
Ringed Ears – L’etre
Hanoko Head – Catwa
Lara Body – Maitreya
Lisa Bow Top – FashioNatic @ Sense Event
Hinshu Tattoo – Dappa @ Neo-Japan
Mishi Frayed Skirt – Vinyl @ Fameshed Go
Body Sense Turn Pose – [VA] @ Sense
Taken at DoX

By Chickadee Tremor