Shades Of Spring


 There is just so much color and so many beautiful new releases in this image that I am not sure where I want to start! Featured designers are Krescendo, Plastik, Dahlia and Raindale.  Let us just jump right in and get all those details! And as always, be sure to keep scrolling for more images!

Krescendo makes up the largest part of this image with their new release the Sakura Study for the April round of Epiphany. I will include the key so you can see all the pieces. However, they are all equally stunning. Book cases, chairs, computer decor, lamps, couch a skybox! I can go on but you really just need to go play this gacha and get all the parts!

 Dahlia has done a beautiful plant stand and plants set that includes beautiful colored misters for the plants. The set is called Kahvy and is named after Kahvy Smith (Sands) in world ! The plants are potted Spanish Bluebells and potted bulbs in various pots. The colored misters have 3 different colors and have a antique look to them. The plant bench is a beautiful three level stand that gives such a pretty accent to the plants. You can find this set at the newest round of Bloom.

 Another new release from Dahlia is the Pluvio set. This set includes the dresser, Poppies Vase and Poppies Book. These pieces are beautiful, the book is antique with a pretty bookmark and poppies holding it open.  The dresser is beautifully rustic and the poppies in the vase have delicately done petals that I just can not get over. You can find this set in the April Deco(c)rate! 

 Plastik gives us some divine Spring Tapestries! Each tapestry has a beautiful message about spring and equally beautiful spring designs. Definitely gives any room a hint of spring color! You can find these 100% original mesh tapestries at the April round of Seasons Story. You have untilApril 30th to run and grab them!

 From Raindale we have cute little Shalaby Poufs. These cute little poofs are easily color changed via hud and have 12 single sit animations in them. Additionally, you can change colors by editing the individual parts as I have for this image.  You can find these at the April round of the Sense Event. 

 Additional decor used.

 JIAN – Floofy Felines – Companion Kitty (RARE)

 .random.Matter. – Noticed By Senpai – Laptop [B]

 random.Matter. – Noticed By Senpai – Bear [Pink]

 random.Matter. – Noticed By Senpai – Manga Stack

 floorplan.- notebook clutter

 LISP – Charlotte Nerd Bookends

 LISP – Mesh – Charlotte Home Bookends

 dust bunny . woodland dreams . head planter

 dust bunny . woodland dreams . french horn planter

 dust bunny . woodland dreams . rosey suitcase

 TLG – Cinderella To Whom It Fits Music Box

 *HEXtraordinary*– Rapunzel Music Box

 D-LAB– Pinocchio Music Box

 Petite Mort– Old Persian Mesh Rug








By Reaghan Resident