Le ballon rose


Baby Rissa is wearing the adorable Dulce Outfit, brand new by Baby Ghee! It is available in four colors., Each set contains the top & shorts, shoes and balloon! This precious new collection is available now at the Sense Event!


The Hearts Planter with Mixed Plants and Flowers by Tm Creation also includes the lovely heart shaped flower ground cover.
Dulce Outfit – Baby Ghee (currently at The Sense Event)
Toddleedo Body & Head
Decor Information:
Hearts Planter with Mix Plants Flowers – Tm Creation (currently at The Sense Event)
Photography Information:
Pose: Princess by p.o.s.e.
Photography by Rissa Bolissima
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Baby Ghee
Tm Creation
Sense Event
Runs 18th – 8th each month
Theme this Round: Boho Summer Style
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