Bathroom fun

Today I spent like all morning in the bathroom playing with toys and splashing water..there might be a flood >.> 



   {Hair~/Wasabi Pills/ Lemon Mesh Hair}

  My dress~(-sonder-} I<3 Ice Cream Dress
  Fits~Toddleedoo baby,Toddleedoo kid,Toddleedoo fitted
  Find it~Sense Event

 My cup~Kokoro Poses – Lola – Fatpack 

Bathroom~<Aphrodite> “Sailor”  Kids Bath Set
What it does~Curtian,tub,baskets,fish change texture/colour
~Bath~11 solo animatios,5 parent help animations
 ~Fits 2 kids and 1 parent
 ~10 solo animations
 ~3 helping animations
Find it~Sense Event

By PaytonLeeAnn