Spring Fling

Hello um
It’s nice to see you here, I was
Wondering if um
I can give you my number maybe
Oh your here for the summer
Oh that’s nice, maybe we can hang out sometime
I will give my number alright, we can hang out
This will be, this will be fun
Alright, goodbye

The bright sun and the blue water
We fight less and love harder
You tell me that I’m the one
I tell you it’s just for fun
We walk the beach at midnight
And watch the stars in the clear skies
We both say I love you
But it’s alright


Have fun shopping!



::: WILD ::: Makeup Studio Bombshell Lips @ Sense 
{Letituier} Lia Hair – Fatpack @ Sense 
CHOP ZUEY Lulu Cardoon – Artichoke Fascinator @ Sense 
KUNGLERS – Neema necklace @ Sense 
[ LsR ] – Sexy Anabel Dress @ Sense 
[Sheba] Soraya Heels @ Sense 


Granola. Topaz Snail Decor. Gold. @ N21 
Granola. Topaz Stool. Wood. @ N21 
Granola. Topaz Pillow. Green. @ N21 
Granola. Topaz Pillow. Pink. @ N21 
Granola. Topaz Pillow. Gold. @ N21 
.:Tm:.Creation [Rustic Planter] Trunk with flowers @ Home and Garden Expo 2019 
OW Old crate of crocus v2 @ Home and Garden Expo 2019 
MadPea Tree Swing @ Spring Hunt ❤
~ASW~ The March Winds Backdrop  @ Sense 


By  eloenmarie