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Dear reader. Hope your good weekday so far 🙂

Aphrodite shop released lovely party set. It is nice when celebrate for rezzday or RL birthday if you celebrate for it in SL.
I really love Aphrodite shop party set and very enjoying to blog for it.
It makes me feel fun 🙂

EVHAH released boat bar… this is so sexy animation included.
and of course you can be bartender. and same time, some bar stuff appear on counter.
I would love to buy if you EVHAH selling bar counter if same animation with it.
I will enjoy and having fun in many ways 💓





Credit @ Little branch in TMD
LB_Hill-v1{Low Li}

Credit @ Sense April
Shop : Aphrodite shop  “Forcenite – Videogame inspired Birthday Party”
Detail Credit
Forcenite – Black Ballon
Forcenite – White Ballon
Forcenite –  Deco Balloon
Forcenite – Army Camo Side Table
Forcenite – Animated “Pink Horse” Pinata (sit on me)
Forcenite – Happy Bday Army Deco
Forcenite – Camo  Deco
Forcenite – “Chug Jug” Lemonade Stack.
Forcenite – Grape Juice for Heroes Dispenser
Forcenite -Deluxe Burger  Platter
Forcenite – Crazy Muffins Dispenser
Forcenite – Ammunition Cake
Forcenite –  Tomato-Choco Lollies Dispenser
Forcenite – Deluxe Burger  Platter
Forcenite – Many Cookies Platter
Forcenite – Salad “Ration Wraps” platter
Forcenite – Flying Bus Cake
Forcenite – Videogame inspired Birthday Party
Forcenite –  floor confetti glitter

Shop : EVHAH “evh Bar boat”
Detail Credit
Stool : EVH Boat stool
Counter : evh Bar boat
Tray : evh drinks *Show drink by menu / change texture by menu
Shelf with pose : EVH Boat Licors POSES
tequilas & wines
EVH Boat candle2
EVH Tricycle  WINES2
EVH Boat candle
EVH Tricycle  WINES

Shop : Elfico penso “Little Storage” Gacha
1. Elfico penso: Little Storage – Container RARE
2. Elfico penso: Little Storage – Box set – Common
5. Elfico penso: Little Storage – Vase – Common
7. Elfico penso: Little Storage – Wheels – Common

Lop Backdrop Spring Store exclusive for sense

Enjoy and have fun 🙂
Thanks for coming to my blog.

By  xkumomix