Lust …oh yes! She loves the yummie desires in life. Sweets, like ice cream or cannoli’s, coffee with chocolates ….and she loves also those other yummie things, that she likes to do. You understand ..isn’t it? Being a bit naughty. She loves to seduce you.

For her naughty side this new dress from amias is a good one. Makes her sexy. The dress comes in several colors and in a fat pack. The dress you can find in the main store. The leg band is also from amias available at the Cosmopolitans sales room now. The shoes are from Mosquito’s Way at the Second Chance (opposite the Sense event). At Second Chance all items have a lower price.
The koi tattoo you can get at the Sense event. The tattoo has a hud with several options. This large tattoo in several intensities and a smaller tattoo at the left upper side of the back also in several intensities

For her lust for sweets you can see the ice creams of andika and the cannoli’s of unKindness.
The ice creams are group gifts in the main shop. Wearable ice and a dispenser set. The cannoli’s are in the Holy cannoli gacha of unKindness at Whimsical.

In the decor again new things, that you can find at the Boardwalk event.
The table, chairs, stump decor and cabinet of %Percent. All sold separately and in a set. From the Ellen Living set of Insurrektion i used the lamps. The mirror is from Eclectic. Potted hibiscus plants  in yellow, red and pink of EED’s.
From [ParkPlace] are the iced tea, the fruitbowl, the monstera plant, the potted palm and the ceiling fan. All are in the Patio set. The patio set has chairs and a table (not shown)

Dress: amias – –  – amias – RAJA pack
Leg Band: amias at CSR – amias – MIRKO – (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Sense – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – JOY lights
Koi tattoo: K-tarsis at Sense – K-tarsis Tattoo: Koi 01
Shoes: Mosquito’s Way at Second Chance -Mosquito’s Way – Lorena
Pose with hand in front of belly: Lush – Lush Poses – Sizzle – female pose pack
From inventory: head – LeLutka, body – Maitreya, necklace – amias; hair – Monso ( Nayoung); watch – RealEvil ( at FaMESHed /free)

Taxi to Boardwalk here
Table, chairs and more ( see text) :%Percent at BW – %Percent (Danielle Dining Set)(NEW)
Potted hibiscus plants: EED’s at BW –  EED’s Potted Hibiscus (NEW)
Lamps: InsurreKtion at BW – part of  [IK] Ellen Living Set (NEW)
Mirror: Eclectic at Boardwalk – Eclectic – Scandi mirror (NEW)
Fruit bowl, iced tea tray, monstera plant, potted palm and the ceiling fan: [Park Place] at BW – parts of [Park Place]  Patio set (NEW)

Cannoli’s: unKindness at Whimsical –  – uk – Holy Cannoli Gacha – Whimsical (gacha /each try 45ld/ NEW)
Wearable ice creams: Andika – wear/andika[Take away Galato]Set](free)
Ice cream Dispenser set: Andika – wear/andika[Glato Dispenser Set](free)
Rugs: junk. – junk. round boho rug. turquoise.
Rattan room divider: Zammy’s Shack – Zammy’s Shack Rattan Room divider (5ld)
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval

I Want Something Just Like This


Where’d you wanna go?
How much you wanna risk?
I’m not looking for somebody
With some superhuman gifts
Some superhero
Some fairytale bliss
Just something I can turn to
Somebody I can kiss
I want something just like this.

Closeups after credits so be sure to scroll!

Hair- Truth

Head- Genus Project– Baby Face Mesh Bento Head

Skin- 7 Deadly S[K]ins– Joy – I am wearing the Butter skin tone from the lights skin tones. There are a total of 7 skin tones in the lights category.The appliers are omega compatible so you can wear them with your favorite omega compatible bodies and heads. Additionally,there are browless versions included with purchase. You can find this @ Sense.

Necklace- Bonita – Dragonfly Necklace- Can be found @ Sense

Body- Belleza– Freya

Dress- Beautiful Dirty Rich– Flora Mini Dress- Mesh body friendly sizes included with purchase, parts of the dress can be textured independently of each other. For example the bodice can be changed while you can also change the different flounces on the dress skirt- Numerous texture options are available for purchase. Can be found @ Sense

Shoes- Mosquito’s Way– Martina- There are mesh body friendly sizes included with purchase. Includes a HUD that allows for texture change options for parts of the shoe. For example, both straps can be colored independently. Can be found @ Sense

Backdrop- LOP Backdrops -Spring 2- Available @ Sense

Pose- Image Essentials– From the Showcase series of poses- I am using pose #3m

By  Reaghan

I’ll take care of this red flower when you are away bro



In two days the New round of the Sense event is open. Opening April 19th, 12 PM SLT, till May 4th 2019. This is a very sunny preview to lure you to go there. Nic and tjip are showing you 4 items, that you can buy at Sense. Oh and by the way tjip does look relaxed but he is keeping up appearances. Because Nic is wearing her Belleza body (as promised), the curvy Freya one. So she is a little heavier. Oh no…. he doesn’t agree when i say this …. he emphasizes that she is more feminine this way in his opinion!
So girls don’t be shy to flirt with your curves like Nic does here. But you can make yourself much more curvy, then she is showing to you. Problem always with the Belleza body was, that the designer didn’t give the sizes to the designers of clothes, if i well understood. So it was difficult to make clothes for those bodies. More and more i see now, that designers make for us also Belleza clothes. But to my regret the old stocking applier for Belleza, that Nic already had in her inventory, didn’t work. I heard from that designer that Belleza did change things so she had to change all and didn’t want to do that anymore. Understandable but a pity!

The items from the Sense event are: the Spring Store backdrop from LOP BACKDROP; the lipstick from :::WILD:::; the Dress from Arcane Spellcaster and the skin from 7 Deadly s[K]ins.
The dress has the wind animation possibility, so you can let move her skirt part of the dress or not. The dress comes with a huge hud for many colors. The texture is a bit silky.
Nic is wearing skin Cedar in skin tone pineapple. But of course at the event are many skin tones available.
The cute pose is from *CH* Poses, called Begging for Booty. The designer promised to release new poses in the shop in April and May. The shop is a few days closed at the moment  because of moving parcels.
Tjip is wearing a gorgeous leather jacket with a denim shirt from Gabriel. Most of the males know already the 1ld sale, but near to that sale is the 49 ld corner. Worth a visit! Thanks to Tiroler friend  Icepaul for explaining it to me. And for the Tiroler insiders this: .. no tjip has no lipstick from Questula at this jacket Vanni!
Tjips hair is from Argrace. His skin is the April group gift from 7 Deadly s[K]ins

From the SENSE event taxi here
Dress:*Arcane Spellcaster* – bag Dress Sofia BENTO *Arcane Spellcaster* for many body types (NEW)
Lipstick: :::WILD:::  – :::WILD :::Makeup Studio Fashion City Lips for LeLutka, Catwa, omega and Vista (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – CEDAR lights (NEW)
Spring store: LOP BACKDROP – LOP BACKDROP  Spring Store (box) (NEW)

Pose: *CH* Pose – *CH* Begging for Booty
From inventory: hair – Phoenix; body – Belleza Freya; head – LeLutka; shoes – were in the package of the Belleza body; extra used flowers in the decor: Heart and [TIA]

Jacket and blouse: Gabriel – ::GB::Zipped Biker Jacket / Blue denim shirt (49 ld)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – HAKON GG APRIL ( free/ but group join fee)
From inventory: head -Catwa (Victor) ; body – Signature (Gianni); sunglasses- part of an outfit from paul polo
Bye bye, Nic

By Nicandra Laval




The twenty first of March… spring time on the northern part of the world. I could already see it more around me in rl. Spring flowers and nice pink sakura trees in full bloom. We just need a bit more sun and then it feels as spring too. The month of the love hormones. Grin.

A flower blog post for the opening of the spring and love season. The dress is a new release from *SK* at Sense. Many colors available.  It’s as always a original design and has quality textures.
The part with the flowers are a bit transparent. Nic is again wearing her 7 Deadly s[K]ins skin RORY from the Sense event. Next post i will wear another skin i promise. Also again wearing the hand/ bracelet jewel from amias available at the Cosmopolitans Sales Room.
From the Boardwalk event are the vases, the flower chair and bench with the table and the Gardener’s Fountain.
I used the May flowers backdrop from Adorable Strange Wares at Sense for the picture. More nice backdrops you can get there: the March winds backdrop and the April showers backdrop.
The flower chair and bench from KiX are MF Adult, MF PG and FF PG and has the possibility for texture changing cushions as well as the frame. The benches, chair and table are also available to purchase separately. The drinks are examples of some props of the furniture.
The dripping vases from Eclectic come in 3 sizes but are also resizable. Each vase with 12 different texture options.

Dress: *SK* at Sense – * SK * Ia dress (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins  at Sense– 7 Deadly s[K]ins – RORY lights  wearing skin tone pineapple (NEW)

Hand jewel/bracelet: amias at CSR – amias – TORE   (NEW/ affordable price)
From inventory: hair – Truth; body-Maitreya; head – LeLutka; make up – LAQ; shoes – N-Core

Taxi to Boardwalk: here
Gardener’s Fountain: KK HOME  at Boardwalk- KK HOME Gardener’s Fountan (NEW)
Bench, table and chair: KiX at Boardwalk – KiX Cane  (NEW)
Vases: Eclectic at Boardwalk – Eclectic Dripping vases (NEW)
Backdrop: Adorable Strange Wares  at Sense – ~ASW~ The May Flowers backdrop (NEW)
Bye bye, Nic


businesswoman taking a break




While she is waiting for the worlds best boss, this business woman is taking a break. When he comes she will do some lesser serious business things with him. When i describe the furniture in this room you will understand what they are gonna do ;). I think she has an eye on him, on that best boss.

But let’s start with the clothes that Nic is wearing. I love this sophisticated blazer /dress from VOSSE at the Sense event. Under it a corset from Tetra, a group gift. The group gift is an applier bra, pantie and corset with a huge color hud. Really very useful for under clothes.
The shoes from Liziaah, the necklace from KUNGLERS ( with a color hud) , the lipstick from :::WILD::: and the skin from 7 Deadly s[K]ins are all from the Sense Event.
From that event are also the chair, the rug, the baskets double, single basket and the potted devils tongue from TB Maison. You can buy the full set with a fireplace and more or buy items separate. The bamboo planter (resizable)is  a gift from EVHAH in the stand.

And now that i am already gone over to tell about the furniture. You can find the answer about what Nic and the boss are going to do here in the description of the furniture from the Boardwalk Event.
From that event is the daybed from Gracefully Wicked ( GW), the industrial shelf from ~DsR~ RLV& BDSM Furniture, the wardrobe and chest ( i combined them to one piece), mirror and the cariveau lamps from DIGS and the [BMS] desk set with accessories.
The daybed comes with  380 different quality animations.The set has a texture change hud as well.
The industrial shelf looks pretty innocent but the opposite is true. You can be stored in it or store someone in it. It’s for BDSM play time. Low land impact, high quality, 6 different textures to choose from. Designed for Master or Mistress with a naughty sub.
The items from DIGS come also in  set with a bed ( adult and PG). You also can buy items separate.
The desk Set comes with the desk ( i removed a back corner wall part behind the pc), the chair, a side cabinet (not shown here), the pc cabinet, the pc with keyboard and document bags (on the picture on the ground).
What will the boss choose? What do you think?

I gathered all sorts of gifts in several shops. See for that the credits.

Taxi to Sense: here
Blazer/dress: VOSSE at Sense -VOSSE $ Velvet Blazer – Caramel (more colors available) (NEW)
Lipstick::::WILD :::Makeup Studio Bombshell Lips LELUTKA, Omega, Catwa and Vista (NEW)
Shoes: [LIZ] at Sense – -[LIZ] Esther Heels Slink Maitreya Belleza (NEW)
Necklace: KUNGLERS at Sense – KUNGLERS – Neema necklace (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins  at Sense– 7 Deadly s[K]ins – RORY lights  wearing skin tone pineapple (NEW)

Corset: TETRA –  TETRA – Lace lingerie set (Appliers/ many colors!) (free)
Glasses: amias – amias – MARCH – group gift (free)
Hand jewel/bracelet: amias at CSR – amias – TORE   (NEW/ affordable price)
Hair: no.match at CSR – no.match_ ~ NO_FRIEND ~ OMBRE (NEW)
From inventory: body – Maitreya; head – LeLutka,

From Boardwalk:Taxi to Boardwalk: here
Industrial Shelf : ~DsR~ – ~DsR~ Boardwalk Exclusive [Industrial Shelf] (NEW)
Daybed: GW – GW 3P Daydreamer Daybed (Adult)(NEW)
Desk set:[BMS] – [BMS] OA DESK SET // in orange and green (NEW)
Wardrobe and more ( see text):DIGS – DIGS – Carriveau Bedroom Set parts (NEW)

Chair, rug and more ( see text): TB Maison at Sense – parts of TB Maison Cottage Collection (NEW)
Bamboo planter: EVHAH at Sense – GIFT Sense Event ( free)

Magazine Rack: Ariskea  – Magazine racks in gold and silver March  group gifts (free/  group fee)

Pillow with Bicycle: .:Tm:. – .:Tm:.Creation Gift 03-2019 (free)
Mug: Junk Food – Junk Food – Worlds Best Boss Mug (free)
Candies: Junk Food – Junk Food – Candy Kit (free)
Newspaper, money, condoms, mug with blue painting, open books:  Dutchie – Dutchie gifts (free)
From inventory: Building – Apple Fall (FREE) Ottoman, trash can, stapler, tea mug, inkjet printer, pencil cup and keep sake boxes- Salacity; power strip under desk – Second Spaces.; blind – Sway’s; hanging plant – dust bunny; heart picture frame – {what next}; cats – JIAN
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval

tell me somethin, girl






Tell me somethin’, girl.. are you happy in this modern world? Or do you need more? Is there somethin’ else you’re searching for…
We are far from the shallow now… ( lyric parts from the song “Shallow” from Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper)
A beautiful song. And yes this dreamer Nic is always longing for more then the shallow.. longing for the deep side of love.

Dreaming on her super gorgeous new lounge set, available at the Sense event. When i unpacked this set i was so exited. Such a beautiful set. It has many animations for singles, couples and mature and  props are included. You see the loungers, the bamboo lamp and bamboo lamp fire, bar table and the umbrella rattan table. You can change the colors of the textures of the set.

In this blog post no free items. I am sorry.
I dressed Nic with what you can get at the Sense event. My plan was to add free items in the decor, but then i unpacked the lounge set and wanted make pictures immediately.

Nic is wearing a dress in bronze from .V a l k y r i a. (six colors available). It’s a very festive dress in my opinion. The shoes from Mosquito’s way give a bit a vintage sphere to the dress. The shoes come with a huge color hud for several parts of the shoes. I like those laces. The tattoo from Kira TattOO is a full body tattoo with Belleza, Maitreya and Omega applier. Nice tattoo to see when you undress. Comes in 100%, 75% and 50% intensity. Nic’s lipstick is from ALMA Make-up with Catwa, LeLutka and Omega appliers. For the colors see below
Nic is still wearing her skin Rory from 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Sense in the color pineapple.

At the opposite of Sense you can go to the 2nd Chance Sale. All 50% off. I saw for example beautiful  shoes also there from Mosquito’s Way and lovely clothes. Worth a visit!

Not from the Sense Event is the hand jewel/ bracelet from Amias, available at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room for an affordable sales price.

Taxi to Sense: here ( open till April 8th)
Dress:.V a l k y r i a. – .V a l k y r i a. ~ Kandy strapless dress [Bronze] Sense (NEW)
Shoes: Mosquito’s Way – Mosquito’s Way – Amber Sense (NEW)
Tattoo: Kira TattOO – ~ Kira TattOO ~Arisa  Sense (NEW)
Lipstick: ALMA Makeup –  ALMA Makeup – Jessie – Sense See all colors below (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins  at Sense– 7 Deadly s[K]ins – RORY lights  wearing skin tone pineapple (NEW)

Hand jewel/bracelet: amias at CSR – amias – TORE bracelets left and right version with color hud  (NEW/ affordable price)
From inventroy: hair – Stealthic, body – Maitreya, head LeLutka
Lounge set: EVHAH at Sense – evh Bahamas Lounge Sense (NEW)
In the scene: DRD – DRD Boho Fishing shack
Pictures made at the North Shore of Fairhaven
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval

The sun breaks through





The sun breaks through….lets hope. The light and the warmth of the sun is such a wonder. It gives me such a good feeling. Being loved is also so wonderful…

Well… enough sweet reveries now ….i need go tell you about two events that are running (1 tomorrow). The Boardwalk event and the Sense event. For the first event i was already in the blogger team, but now also for Sense! Thrilling for me. Can i achieve all the goals that are asked of me? Thrilling also to see what i can go blogging. I was unpacking, unpacking and unpacking these days ). With discipline i dragged all to event folders, that i created. Otherwise all could be messed up. I know myself.. the a bit chaotic person!
Here is the first result from both events now.

From the Boardwalk event are: the home, the birth bathes, the hanging nest Bento cuddles, the chrome & rattan coffee table with the iced tea tray, the magazines and the miniature planters, the wooden chairs. The home is so gorgeous! It has a sphere of luxury. Near the entrance are also bushes,flowers and trees. The nest comes with many animations and you can change the colors of the pillows and blankets. In the pack are two sorts of nest: a tree version ( not shown) and a porch version. The wooden chairs come in a light and dark version. They are beautifully textured.

From the Sense event are: the skin, the choker and earrings, the sunglasses, the shoes and the lipstick (see below).
The tattoo is a new one from Lush. It’s the Festival of Mandala tattoo, available at Twe12ve. Love this tattoo. So well made!
The dress is from the lucky boards at Scandalize. Although i wanted make a blog post, i had the patience to wait near the boards, because several outfits were very good for showing tattoos.

At Boardwalk ( running till april 15th) – taxi here
Home: Parke Ave. & Posh – Parke Ave. & Posh – The Concord Prefab (NEW)
Hanging nest: .:TT:. – TYLAR’S TREASURES Hanging nests Bento cuddle  (NEW)
Wooden chairs with lights: {moss&mink}- {moss&mink} Betty chairs (NEW)
Chrome&Rattan coffee table with magazines and iced tea: Park Place Table and accessories (NEW)
Birth bath with  lillies: StoraxTree – StoraxTree birth bath and birth feeders (NEW)

From inventory: Maple Tree – Botanical; bushes and itch grass ( brown)- alirium; path – HPMD*;  pathway lights and hanging lamps (above entrance)- Apple Fall; apple trees – Inojies; ladder – {anc}; table  with chairs and accessories – Scarlet Creative

From Sense ( open tomorrow 18th – ends 8th April) taxi here
Lipstick::::WILD :::Makeup Studio Bombshell Lips LELUTKA, Omega, Catwa and Vista (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – RORY lights (NEW)
Choker and earrings: Romazin –  Romazin – Set <Lilo> (NEW)
Shoes: [Sheba] – [Sheba] Soraya Heels Sense  with a very good color hud (NEW)
Sunglasses: JUMO Originals – JUMO Originals – Valena Sunglasses  (with color hud)- Sense (NEW)

Dress: Scandalize. – Scandalize. Susan. Yellow (free/ group join 100ld but many group gifts!)
Tattoo: Lush at Twe12ve – Lush – Festival Of Mandala – Tattoo (NEW)
From inventory: head – LeLutka; body – Maitreya; hair – tram; ring Fapple
Bye bye, Nic

By Nicandra Laval