Wash your hand, Brush your teeth


Dear reader. Hope your good weekday will come to you💕

Aphrodite shop released so lovely bathroom set for Kids for Sense event.
I have not child avater but i can imagine that would be soo cute if the kids in this bathroom.
and if you missed the group gift “Canopy tent” by Raindale, please visit to main store because FREE to group join.


Credit @ Aphrodite shop in Sense
“”Sailor”Kids Bath Set ”
Detail item credit
Bathtub : <Aphrodite> “Sailor”  Kids Bath Tub
Wash basin : <Aphrodite> “Sailor”  Kids Bath
Rug : <Aphrodite> “Sailor”  Kids Bath Mat B
Rug : <Aphrodite> “Sailor” Kids Bath Mat A
Aphrodite Blue Whale Toy – Parent
<Aphrodite> Kids Bath Toy DECO B
<Aphrodite> Kids Bath DECO Toy A
Aphrodite Pink Whale Toy – Parent
Wall decor
<Aphrodite> “Sailor” Kids Bath Frame 1
<Aphrodite> “Sailor” Kids Bath Frame 2
<Aphrodite> “Sailor” Kids Bath Frame 3
<Aphrodite> “Sailor” Kids Bath Frame 4

Credit @ Sway’s
Sway’s [Piggy] Flowerpot with Succulent A
Sway’s [Panda] Flowerpot with Succulent B
Sway’s [Piggy] Flowerpot with Succulent A

Credit @ Raindale  (GroupGift – 0L to Join)
Raindale – Canopy tent – 2018 gift edition
Raindale – star pillow (for Canopy tent)
Raindale – pillow (for Canopy tent)

Other items …
Plant : {what next} Pothos Plant (small)
Hanging plant : tarte. hanging planter

Enjoy and have fun!
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By xkumomix

Royal bath


WEARING (Right):
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Lelutka Bento Head – Chloe
+elua+ Renee Hair ~ Uber, May 2017
paper.arrow.co popped.collar.polo  ~ The Clique!, March 2018
POSE: BESHA Poses: Girly Gacha  10 mirr ~ Girl Power, August 2018
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Lelutka Bento Head – May
Wasabi // May Mesh Hair ~ FLF, January 2019
erratic / megan – sweater II / frost stripes ~ FLF, January 2019
POSE: Kokoro Poses – Laine ~ eBento, May 2018

no signal . secret backdrop pink ~ FLF, March 2018
Sway’s [Iris] Window Blind – narrow . gradient ~ FLF, September 2017
<Aphrodite> “Sailor”  Kids Bath Set ~ SENSE, Jan 18 – Feb 8
GA Home – Bluette Dresser ~ KawaiiProject, March 2015
tarte. messy rug ~ Arcade, December 2017
[Black Bantam] The Frog Prince Bath Baby 02 Green ~ Kustom9, August 2018
[Black Bantam] Bath Time Baby Girl BabyPink 02  ~ Kustom9, April 2018

Bathroom fun

Today I spent like all morning in the bathroom playing with toys and splashing water..there might be a flood >.> 



   {Hair~/Wasabi Pills/ Lemon Mesh Hair}

  My dress~(-sonder-} I<3 Ice Cream Dress
  Fits~Toddleedoo baby,Toddleedoo kid,Toddleedoo fitted
  Find it~Sense Event

 My cup~Kokoro Poses – Lola – Fatpack 

Bathroom~<Aphrodite> “Sailor”  Kids Bath Set
What it does~Curtian,tub,baskets,fish change texture/colour
~Bath~11 solo animatios,5 parent help animations
 ~Fits 2 kids and 1 parent
 ~10 solo animations
 ~3 helping animations
Find it~Sense Event

By PaytonLeeAnn

Santa is busy he is sweating


Dear reader. Hope your having a wonderful Holiday💓
Wishes you and your family to have a blessed Christmas time💗

Looks like the Santa is hurry to give the Christmas present.



Credit @ Sense
by Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes
Christmas tree : <Heart Homes> “Santas Workshop”  Christmas tree PG
wall decor : <Heart Homes> Santas Workshop deco  Sign

by Raindale
table : Raindale – Evansford coffee table
ornaments : Raindale – Evansford ornaments
lantern : Raindale – Evansford lantern
coaster : Raindale – Evansford coaster

Couch : EVH Ethuil Couch
decor : EVH Outdoor vase fountain1
decor : EVH Outdoor vase fountain2

Credit @ [CIRCA] living
[CIRCA] – “Happy Holidays” Hanging Santa Window – Festive!
[CIRCA] – “Candy Frost” Wall Deco B – Peppermint Stripe
[CIRCA] – “Candy Frost” Wall Deco A – Minty Stripe
[CIRCA] – “Woodlands” Star Wall Light –  Gold Wire (L)
[CIRCA] – “Candy Frost” Wall Deco A – Peppermint Stripe
[CIRCA] – “Candy Frost” Wall Deco B – Minty Stripe
[CIRCA] – “Christmas Star” Floral Bullet Vase – Red / White (S)
[CIRCA] – “Northern Forest” Holiday Poinsettia Pot Mini
Rug : [CIRCA] – “Let It Snow” Area Rug – Snowman Checker – Frost/Coco

House : Country House “Sparrow” by Elfico penso by Sense

what you hope to Santa? 🙂

Happy shopping and have fun!
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By xkumomix

Country bath

Dear reader. Hope your lovely Friday ❤

Want to be comfortable when i was taking bath.
and if it is gorgeous, it would be like dream time for me 🙂


Credit @ Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes in Sense “Country Bath”
Dust box : <Heart Homes> Country Bath – Rubbish Bin
Toilet : <Heart Homes> Country Bath –  Toilet
Toilet paper : <Heart Homes> Country Bath – Toilet Paper
Plant : <Heart Homes> Country Bath – Deco plant B
Bath : <Heart Homes> Country Bath – Bathtub PG
Vanity : <Heart Homes> Country Bath – Vanity
Rug : <Heart Homes> Country Bath –  Rug
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Towels Board
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Soap (White)
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Creme  (White)
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Liquid Soap  (White)
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Storage  (White)
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Wipes Box  (White)
<Heart Homes> Country Bath –  Toothbrush  (White)
<Heart Homes> Country Bath –  Towel holder DECO
<Heart Homes> Country Bath  Lily and Dern Deco
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Soap
<Heart Homes> Country Bath –  Toothbrush
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Wipes Box
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Liquid Soap
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Storage
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Creme
<Heart Homes> Country Bath –  Toothbrush II

Credit @ Raindale in Sense
wall art : Raindale – Harringnell frames

Credit @ Elfico penso in Sense
Forest Automn

Credit @ Salacity
Chair : ELLA+Salacity – Abigail Curved Wooden Chair
table : ELLA+Salacity – Abigail Curved Wooden Table
Rug : Salacity – Laura Round Rug (Blueprint Edition)

wall decor : Ariskea[ Forsythia ] Paper flower Hanger[ Magnolia]
wall decor : Ariskea[ Forsythia ] Paper flower Hanger[ Coloris]
decor : Ariskea[Shy] Ivy Old window [ Spring]
decor : Ariskea[Shy] Ivy Old window [ Summer]
Plant : Myth – Planter Collection Marble 2
Plant : Myth – Planter Collection Marble 3

Happy shopping ❤
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By xkumomix Resident

Kids happy room

Dear reader. Hope your weekday will good and peaceful 🙂

I asked to my partner “Teepee” is what? so he said its a Indian house.
then i understand that Aphrodite shop / <Heart Homes> released new birthday party set for Sense event.
it was made for kids avatar. so some items are not able to sit Adult avetar.
but you will enjoy and feel happy if there is around you 🙂


Credit @ Bee Design in Cosmoplitan (End date : 5th May) “Maya Bay 2 Gacha ”
Bee Designs Maya Bay 2 Gacha 4
Bee Designs Maya Bay 2 Gacha 8 RARE
Bee Designs Maya Bay 2 Gacha  5 RARE
Bee Designs Maya Bay 2 Gacha  3
Bee Designs Maya Bay 2 Gacha  1
Bee Designs Maya Bay 2 Gacha  6

Credit @ Aphrodite shop /<Heart Homes> in Sense event “Teepee Birthday party”
Aphrodite Birthday Party Girls Teepee
Aphrodite Birthday Party Boys Teepee
Aphrodite Birthday Party – Kids Toy BBQ
Aphrodite Birthday Party-  Simulated Campfire Lamp
Aphrodite Birthday Party – The Lolly Train – Moving
Aphrodite Birthday Party – 2  Lamps
The Lolly Train – Standing
Aphrodite Birthday Party Pillow G
Aphrodite Birthday Party Pillow F
Aphrodite Birthday Party Pillow H
Aphrodite Birthday Party banner of 10 flags
Aphrodite Birthday Party Curved Lights

Credit @ **Dreamscapes Art Gallery**
*Penny* Hatboxes C
*Topiary* Ficus with lights B – Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Aria* Flower Pot A – Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Penny* Basket
*Klara* Cabinet A – Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Aria* Vase A – Dreamscapes Art Gallery

Credit other…
{anc} miniature. angel {M} white 3Li

Enjoy your Secondlife 🙂
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By xkumomix