Azul Erin/Mosquitos way margaret shoes/Kunglkers Darleen earrings and ring/Tres Beau Jordyn headpiece

An amazing look to finish the year with a silver taste, the dress short and elegant with a modern pattern, the headpiece so festive and perfect for the holidays,the earrings long and fancy and finish it all up the shoes magnificent and so sexy sandals.


Style Card:

By Maia Mckeenan

SENSE Event #38 AZUL #10


▶SENSE Event #38 AZUL #10◀


SENSE 18th December – 8th January



✎ -AZUL- Erin

–AZUL- Erin FitMesh Dress(Maitreya) /SENSE GoldB

-AZUL- Erin Gold A&B, Silver A&B Exclusive 4 – Limited Colors @ SENSE Event ► CONTENTS ▷ Fitted Mesh Dress Belleza | Maitreya | Slink | 5 Standard Sizes ▷ Alpha Layers for Classic Body

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By azaak sahara