Country bath

Dear reader. Hope your lovely Friday ❤

Want to be comfortable when i was taking bath.
and if it is gorgeous, it would be like dream time for me 🙂


Credit @ Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes in Sense “Country Bath”
Dust box : <Heart Homes> Country Bath – Rubbish Bin
Toilet : <Heart Homes> Country Bath –  Toilet
Toilet paper : <Heart Homes> Country Bath – Toilet Paper
Plant : <Heart Homes> Country Bath – Deco plant B
Bath : <Heart Homes> Country Bath – Bathtub PG
Vanity : <Heart Homes> Country Bath – Vanity
Rug : <Heart Homes> Country Bath –  Rug
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Towels Board
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Soap (White)
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Creme  (White)
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Liquid Soap  (White)
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Storage  (White)
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Wipes Box  (White)
<Heart Homes> Country Bath –  Toothbrush  (White)
<Heart Homes> Country Bath –  Towel holder DECO
<Heart Homes> Country Bath  Lily and Dern Deco
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Soap
<Heart Homes> Country Bath –  Toothbrush
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Wipes Box
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Liquid Soap
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Storage
<Heart Homes> Country Bath – Creme
<Heart Homes> Country Bath –  Toothbrush II

Credit @ Raindale in Sense
wall art : Raindale – Harringnell frames

Credit @ Elfico penso in Sense
Forest Automn

Credit @ Salacity
Chair : ELLA+Salacity – Abigail Curved Wooden Chair
table : ELLA+Salacity – Abigail Curved Wooden Table
Rug : Salacity – Laura Round Rug (Blueprint Edition)

wall decor : Ariskea[ Forsythia ] Paper flower Hanger[ Magnolia]
wall decor : Ariskea[ Forsythia ] Paper flower Hanger[ Coloris]
decor : Ariskea[Shy] Ivy Old window [ Spring]
decor : Ariskea[Shy] Ivy Old window [ Summer]
Plant : Myth – Planter Collection Marble 2
Plant : Myth – Planter Collection Marble 3

Happy shopping ❤
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By xkumomix Resident

Flower shop


WEARING Me (Left):
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Lelutka  Bento Head – Chloe

+elua+ Lakia_Blonde ~ PocketGacha, September 2017
Tres Blah – Summer Fete Apron – Floral ~ Arcade, June 2017
Blueberry – DWL Jeans – Capri Jeans

POSE: :LW: Bento Poses – What I Miss Most ~ TLC, November 2018

WEARING (Right):
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Lelutka  Bento Head – May
TRUTH Hair / Jamie

hive // magnolia branch . single ~ Uber, October 2018
*LODE* Hand Accessory – Freesia [white] ~ TCF, February 2017
Tres Blah – Summer Fete Apron – Floral ~ Arcade, June 2017
Blueberry  – Lila – Rolled Cuff Jeans
REIGN – Arianna Sneakers ~ Saturday Sale, August 2017

Elfico Penso – Forest Automn ~ SENSE, Nov 18 – Dec 8
~ASW~ The Cityscape Balcony Chair ~ SENSE, Nov 18 – Dec 8
evh – Romantic Light Pergola Set ~ SENSE, Nov 18 – Dec 8
Apple Fall & An Lar Ladder ~ TCF, March 2015
Ariskea [ Pot Pourri ] Herboriste Stand ~ Arcade, March 2015
10. {theosophy} Shiba Inu (Internet Princess / Pink) ~ Arcade, September 2015
*LODE* Decor – Matthiola [white duo color] ~ TCF, June 2018
~ASW~ The Cityscape Balcony Bench~ SENSE, Nov 18 – Dec 8
*LODE* Decor – Freesia Vase [light pink] ~ TCF, February 2017
hive // magnolia plant ~ Uber, October 2018

Lucky Star horse ranch


Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Lelutka  Bento Head – Chloe
KUNI / Laisla ~ SENSE, Sept 18 – Oct 10
Pink Cream Pie – Brooke Closed Shirt ~ Group Gift
miss chelsea – Juno Jeans Maitreya Classic V2 ~ FLF, Sept 2016
paper arrow – riding boots – mud ~ Shoetopia, April 2018

POSE: Lil’Bug – Horses 8 ~ Imaginarium, June 2018

Lelutka – Head.Andrea
Slink  Physique MALE Mesh Body
Slink  Hands – Dynamic – Male
Howl – Cowboy Hat 2 ~ Arcade, June 2016
Ascend – Ethan Tucked in Shirt ~ TMD, July 2018
 Legal Insanity – Owen dirty skinny jeans ~ Fameshed, Feb 2018
POSE: Ana Poses – Birmingham 3 ~ TMD, Sept 2018
Elfico Penso – Tudorowen Cozy Stable ~ SENSE, Sept 18 – Oct 10
*alirium* Rays II [divided / warm]
*alirium* Titan [OldGold]
Brown Walking Horse – Mesh – Full Perm
ANHELO – M45LR-183GA :: my little garden (leaf rake) ~ FLF, Mar 2018
22769 – Hay Bale with blanket ~ Gift at Fameshed Anniversary, May 2018
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Bucket Of Horseshoes COMMON ~ FGC, Nov 2014
shine by [ZD] *OH MY GARDEN* Garden Hose ~ TGG, April 2017




Lelutka – Head.Andrea 3.1
Slink  Physique MALE Mesh Body
Slink  Hands – Dynamic – Male
Vango – Owen ~ MOM, September 2017
 //Ascend// Roman V Neck Pullover ~ Fameshed, November 2017
Con/Val – Seafire B2 ~ Arcade, December 2016

 -David Heather-Date Book ~ Arcade, March 2015

Elfico penso: August in New York 93 Skybox ~ SENSE, August 2018
Dear New York Gacha Set – The Bearded Guy ~ SENSE, August 2018
 -David Heather- Overnight Bag/Sienna ~ Epiphany, April 2017
 -David Heather- Bathroom Garment Bag ~ Epiphany, July 2017
Apple Fall – ‘iFall’ Notebook 2015 ~ Group gift

These Are The Days


Sometimes I get to feelin’
I was back in the old days, long ago
When we were kids, when we were young
Things seemed so perfect, you know?
The days were endless, we were crazy, we were young
The sun was always shinin’, we just lived for fun
Sometimes it seems like lately, I just don’t know
The rest of my life’s been, just a show.

Be sure to keep scrolling after the credits for more images!

Elfico Penso

The Build- Elfico Penso – August in New York 93 Skybox- This build has a LI of 17. As you will see in pictures that follow the credits this is a pretty roomy skybox. You have room for living room kitchen area and more. Plus you have an extra room you can use for a bathroom or bedroom. Your imagination is your only limit with this build. Plus you have an amazing view, unique doors etched with statue of liberty and statue of liberty decor statues . Plus, unique decor wallpaper with statue of liberty w/ american flags and statue of liberty /new york skyline ! This build is available @ The Sense Event


Granola.- Group gift for  August 2018. – Shelf with decor- Two texture options available copper and worn black.


Krescendo-  From the Upcycle Eli’s Emporium gacha Set

[Kres]- Upcycle Eli’s Emporium – Couch – RARE

[Kres]- Upcycle Eli’s Emporium – Coffee table

[Kres]- Upcycle Eli’s Emporium – Wall art

[Kres]- Upcycle Eli’s Emporium – Chest shelf (Brown)

[Kres]- Upcycle Eli’s Emporium – Long table

[Kres]- Upcycle Eli’s Emporium – Glass house RARE

[Kres]- Upcycle Eli’s Emporium – Pillows

[Kres] Upcycle Eli’s Emporium – Cactus (Green)


From the Wood Games Gacha Set

[IK]- Wood Games – Puzzle

[IK]- Wood Games – Basketball

[IK]- Wood Games – Maze

[IK]- Wood Games – Jenga


..::TH::.. Blender Wall Lamp

..::TH::.. Industrial Table

..::TH::.. Thor Pilsener Bottle

..::TH::.. Cycle Stool

..::THOR::.. Magazines

Gacha Items

..::THOR::.. 10- The Old Books

..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Hanged Jacket

..::THOR::.. Standing Ashtray

..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Trash Can

Dust bunny

dust bunny – potted dragon tree

dust bunny – guiana chestnut tree

Apple Fall

Apple fall – Period Fireplace

Second Spaces

Second Spaces – Cluttered House – unopened mail (Gacha item)

Chez Moi

Chez Moi- Rug Ipanema


By Reaghan Resident