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Only a few days left to check out the August items of the Sense event. So make sure to take a look at this lovely home:



Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia gacha set (Sense Event)
Little Branch – QueenPalm (Sense Event)

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Sense Event:


By Syleena Sheridan

my garden is my sanctuary


Dear reader. Hope your good weekday 🙂

Sense August round has been open from 18th to 8th.
I would like to introduce you some of items of Home and garden item in Sense.
You will see the items at center area of event area.



Credit @ Elfico penso in Sense
“Sunny Lombardia Gacha”
House : 1. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Villa RARE
Plant Flower : 19. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Tulips Window
Wall lamp : 18. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Lamp
Presser : 5. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Press
side wall : 3. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Loggia

Credit @ Thaino Designs in Sense
Daybed : Sacha garden bed
Garden decor : Sacha sunflower box
Garden decor : Sacha garden tools
Garden decor : Sacha twig shelves
Garden decor : Sacha hibiscus flower box

Credit @ ~Adorably Strange Wares~ in Sense
Table : ~ASW~ The Somerset Desk
Table decor : ~ASW~ The Somerset Succulent Box
Table decor : ~ASW~ The Somerset Succulent Tray
Lamp : ~ASW~ The Somerset Lamp
Plant : ~ASW~ The Somerset Monstera Planter
Plant : ~ASW~ The Somerset Plant III
Plant : ~ASW~ The Somerset Plant V
Plant : ~ASW~ The Somerset Plant IV
Plant : ~ASW~ The Somerset Plant I
Shelf : ~ASW~ The Somerset Plant Stand

Gazebo : 9. Elfico penso: Eveline’s Gazebo – Octagonal – COMMON by Elfico penso
Tree : Skye Enchanted Woods V3 – 7 (single)
Tree : Skye Enchanted Woods V3 3 (trees)
Grass  : Fundati’s Great Grass I (circle)

Enjoy and have fun 🙂
Thanks for coming to my blog.


By  xkumomix

Old souls

Our love is strong love baby
We give it all and so receive
And so with empty arms
We must still believe

Old souls last forever
So we need never fear goodbye
A kiss when I must go
No tears…
In time, we kiss… hello!


Hello lovelies!

A new living room filled with classics, hope you like it!

Have fun shopping!



Apple Fall Apple Sprig w/ Branch
Apple Fall Fig & Blackberry Cake
Apple Fall Macarons in Box
Apple Fall Anashara Dining Table
Apple Fall Books w/ Deer Head Bookends
West Village Charleston Curtains – Cream
KraftWork Bellosguardo Ladder Dark
JIAN Legacy GSD Pupper Basket
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Trophies ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Poker Chair – Red ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Auburn Rug ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Cream Rug ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Pipe ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Painting – King ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Painting – Herd ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Gramophone ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Scottish Whisky ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Side table ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Magazines  ❤
~ xantes ~ Medieval Ottoman Nesta – PG @ Enchantment ❤
1. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Villa RARE @ Sense 
12. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Urn Hang @ Sense 
14. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Grape Plate @ Sense 
15. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Porcelain service @ Sense 
16. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Plates Decor @ Sense 
17. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Pictures @ Sense 
21. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Wall Wine 1 @ Sense 
Raindale ~ stack of books
ChiMia:: Ephemeral Fireplace (White Rust) 


By  eloenmarie





With her banditos as her guards to the wine tasting. They can be very dangerous those Imperial Doberman Pinchers. As a kid i was afraid when i walked to school and passed a doberman, who was barking, jumping and growling behind a fence. The Animesh Companion Imperial Doberman from [Rezz Room] does the same, but now he defends me. The animations of the dog are so outstanding good! The walking, jumping and the animations of the head are gorgeous. You have the possibility to put a muzzle on. For the muzzle and band you can choose a color with the hud. Barking and growing can be put on or off. In Nic’s hand you can see the leash.
By the way when you know how to behave to such a dog in real life he will be very friendly and a good companion.
Yesterday Nic was on the balcony of the Sunny Lombardia Villa (available in the gacha of Elfico Penso). Now she is in the wine cellar, that you can win in the same gacha. The big barrels with the red and yellow borders and the grape platter are in the gacha too
I placed a wine tasting bar fro unKindness in the cellar. Comes with the mirrors, the candelabra’s ( without candles) the runner and the potted plant. You can buy a full set or the bar, plants and accessories separate. The bar comes in 3 colors. Available at FaMESHed at the moment.

Nic is wearing a soft velor dress from You by Ge Myles. The dress comes with the boots. Many good colors are in the hud. The skin is again the skin from 7 Deadly s[K]ins, that i showed yesterday. Available at SENSE. Nic’s hair is the newest group gift from Truth.

Dress with boots: You by Ge Myles – You by GeMyles Jenee Dress (with hud)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Sense – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – SASIA lights (NEW)
Hair: Truth – TRUTH Euphoria – Fatpack ( in the notices of the group) ( new/ free/ group join fee)
Imperial Doberman: [REZZ ROOM] at Man Cave -[REZZ ROOM] Pack IMPERIAL FULL PACK blogger
From inventory: body – Maitreya; head – LeLutka; eyeliner – 7 Deadly s[K]ins ( Christmas gift); lipstick – [Reviver]; heart choker – Avenge; poses – Lyrium

Cellar and more ( see text): Elfico Penso at SENSE – Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia -wine Cellar Rare (new/gacha)
Bar and more ( see text): unKindness at  FaMESHed – uK – Gladys Deco Bar Console Sets (NEW)
From inventory; Glasses – 220ML and Apple Fall
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval

joy and pleasure is a state of the mind




Yesterday i listened to a talk of Steven Grant in sl at the Bhoddicitta Zendo at the sim Hikaru. The topic was feeling incomplete. It was an interesting speech, like the other speeches that i heard from him.
What does it feel like when I believe I lack something? How does my body feel when I need someone or something to complete me? Our mind influences our feelings and the needs of our body too.
We can influence our feelings with our mind.

And it’s obvious that Nic is influenced by a very positive mind today. She is grateful for the blessings in her life. Enjoying the good friends she has in sl and the pleasure and love she gets. Enjoying the special contacts she can have here with people from all over the world. It’s such an amazing fantasy-and real world in sl. Real because all in sl is influenced by real persons.

Nic is standing on the balcony of a Mediterranean home from the gacha, named Sunny Lombardia,  from Elfico Penso (177 LI). You know may be the beautiflul Mediterranean manor and mansion from the gacha of 8f8. But this is also beautiful but different. This is a large sort of house and the walls inside are different. I placed two houses near each other at picture 3 so you can see more sides of the house. I placed the loggia at the balcony. The gacha has also a RARE Wine Cellar with curved ceiling and all sorts of wines for on the wall in the cellar. You can try the gacha at SENSE. On the picture you can also see the table and chairs, the grape plate, porcelain service, urn with flowers hanging and standing.
The barrels with cats from .:Tm:. Creation are  available at SENSE. The whole set is behind Nic on the balcony. You can unlink the set. Near Nic i placed a part of the set. The set has many animations.
The dog is from TLC, a companion dog available at the Cosmopolitans Sales Room. You can click the dog for more fur options. See behind Nic for example one with another color. The doves from TLC are at Flourish in the package of the wall fountain.( 99ld!)
On the table a bread basket from nutmeg., available at Belle. The Margarita pitcher from Dahlia is available at Uber.

Nic is wearing the skin Sasia from 7 Deadly s[K]ins available at SENSE. Her outfit from *SK* is also available at SENSE. Available in many colors.
The hair is a gift at the Hair Fair from Exile, a fat pack.

Skirt: *SK* at Sense – *SK*  Noelia Skirt (NEW)
Shirt: *SK* at Sense – *SK* Noeli Shirt (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Sense – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – SASIA lights (NEW)
Hair: Exile at Hair Fair – Exile -Vera Hair Fair Gift (free0
Collar: Narcisse at Uber – -Narcisse- Insouciant Collar – Black – Uber Gift (free)
Pose: Lush Poses at oXXXcuro – Lush Poses Lush Poses – Poolside – Bento Female PosePack (NEW)
From inventory: body freckles  – Izzie’s; face freckles – amias; body Maitreya; head – LeLutka

House and more (see text): Elfico Penso at Sense – Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia (gacha/NEW)
Barrels, crates, pillows, blankets with cats: .:Tm:.Creation at Sense – .:Tm:. Creation S43 “Keep Life Simple” with animations (NEW)
Bread basket: Nutmeg. at Belle – Nutmeg. Midsummer Brunch Bread Basket (NEW)
Magerita Pitcher: Dahlia at Uber – Dahlia – Malarkey – Margarita Pitcher (NEW)
Cake: Dahlia at Uber – Dahlia – Malarkey – Key Lime Birthday Cake (free)
Doily: Astralia at Uber – Astralia Doily ( NEW)
Dog: TLC at CSR – TLC Wearable Animesh Companion dog – Parson Russell Terrier(NEW)
Doves: TLC at Flourish – part of  TLC Doves with Wall fountain_Flourish** (99ld)
From inventory: potted lemon tree  and wisteria vines  – [TIA]
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval

#0225 LOTD


✯✯✯ WEARING ✯✯✯
#PUMEC – March Gift #1 – Skin Set available in mainstore!
DOUX – Jimena hairstyle available in mainstore!
MICHAN – Claudette Lashes [Genus] @ SPELLBOUND
AG. Gem Eyes – Fatpack available in mainstore!
CAZIMI: Summer Breeze Nail Appliers (Gift!) available in mainstore!
Loki – Jess Denim Dress – FATPACK @ Cosmopolitan
:ANDORE: –  :Set: – Nataly available in mainstore!
Junk Food – Custom Beer Bag available in mainstore!

✯✯✯ SCENE ✯✯✯
1. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Villa RARE @ SENSE 
8. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Wall Decor @ SENSE 
Heart Homes – Brisa de Rio – Couple Couch @ Designer Showcase
Heart Homes – Brisa de Rio – Glas Coffee Table @ Designer Showcase
Heart Homes – Brisa de Rio – Deco Art Frames A @ Designer Showcase
Heart Homes – Brisa de Rio – Deco Art Frames B @ Designer Showcase
Heart Homes – Brisa de Rio – Flower Arrangement @ Designer Showcase
Heart Homes – Risa de Rio – Lamp @ Designer Showcase
Heart Homes – Risa de Rio – Planter A @ Designer Showcase
Heart Homes – Risa de Rio – Planter B @ Designer Showcase
Heart Homes – Brisa de Rio – Deko Magazine @ Designer Showcase
[..::CuCa Designs::..] & Illuzion – Box Pile 1 available in mainstore!
[..::CuCa Designs::..] & Illuzion – Box Pile 2 available in mainstore!
[..::CuCa Designs::..] & Illuzion – Single box square available in mainstore!
BackBone Papasan Chair – Mint available in mainstore!
BackBone Papasan Side Table – Light available in mainstore!
uK – BB Pillow Pile Planter Bed available in mainstore!
uK – BB Pillow Pile Planter Yellow available in mainstore!
TLC grey tabby cat @ Flourish
TLC ginger cat@ Flourish
[Black Bantam] Starstruck Pup Blank Stare @ Collabor88
[Kres] Pet Feed Station available in mainstore!
Junk Food – Succulent Rainboots (Yellow) available in mainstore!

✯✯✯ POSE ✯✯✯
[..::CuCa Designs::..] & Illuzion – Moving Day 1 (hand holding drinks is not part of the pose) keys included in pose stand! available in mainstore!

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By KayKay Stine