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❣ Hair Giana Brown *Hud Brown* Letituier available event Sense

❣Tatoo Amanda * Belleza,Slink,EvE,Altamura, Omega Systen,Legacy & Bom Juna Artistic Tattoo disponivel no evento Sense

❣ Mini Dress No time for you (Legacy,Maitreya,Belleza,Hourglass,eBODY Classic,Curve & Classic Avi) * Hud * *B.D.R.* esta disponivel no evento Sense Event

❣ Boots Cat * Maitreya & Belleza,Slink -wHud* I.M. Collection disponivel no evento Sense


By Flavia Falodir

first snowfall




First snowfall and she is enjoying the view. The tree above her protects her. Her hanging chair is a perfect spot to look around to all the beauty. Her snowman pomeranian is making all sorts of funny movements in the meanwhile.

Nic is wearing an outfit from :::UNA:: at Equal10. When she is getting too cold, she can use the waist shirt. The set from :::UNA::: comes in 6 colors, more colors and textures in the fat pack hud.
Nic is also showing you 5 items from the Sense Event: the hanging chair from Evhah, the booties from I.M.C., the skin from 7 Deadly s[K]ins, the bracelets and rings from Moondance Boutique, and the hair from {Letituier}. The hair is good for using with the cap. The rings and bracelets are in a full set with a necklace. Comes with a color hud for the gems and metals. The hanging chair from Evhah is from a set with a same sort of chair, a table with flowers and plants in vases. I like to use the hanging chair outside under a tree. The chair has many animations and many textures.
The cap is from a M.Birdie gacha. Was in the October round of Kustom 9 . Now in the main shop. I got this one at marketplace. I am loving this cap.

The cute snowman Pomeranian Animesh Companian is from [Rezz Room] at Tannenbaum, the super Holiday market. They also have a cute Pomeraian Elf out. Go and see.

Outfit: :::UNA::: at Equal 10 – UNA.Sk. Phoebe (NEW)
Booties: I.M.C at Sense – I.M.C. Chloe Black Boots (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Sense – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – DEEN lights (skin tone pineapple) ((NEW)
Bracelets and rings: Moondance Boutique at Sense – Moondance Boutique – Olivia Full Set(NEW)
Hair: [Letituier} at Sense – {Letituier} Giana Hair (NEW)
Cap: M.BIRDIE – `M.BIRDIE / Kaven look.HAT5
From inventory: head – LeLutka; body – Maitreya; winter nose and cheeks – Izzie’s (free)

Snowman pomeranian: [Rezz Room] at Tannenbaum – [Rezz Room] Box Pomeranian Snowman Animesh (Companion)(NEW)
Hanging chair: Evhah at Sense – part of EVH Cozumel SET (NEW)
Leaves ground cover with lights: SynCo at The Liaison Collaborative – SynCo – TLC (free/hunt /1 week)
From inventory: frosty leaves and lights – Lagom; snow – Le Poppycock
Pictures made at : Whimberly 
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval

Autumn Fling


The Imani Outfit includes the shirt and shorts. A texture hud is included for each item. The Shirt has 17 fun prints to choose from and the shorts have 9 denim colors.This outfit is compatible with Belleza, Maitreya and Slink mesh bodies.
⚜ ⚜ ⚜
The Ed Jeans and Sweater are by the I.M. Collection.
The sweater and jeans are both available in six individual colors or you can get the fatpack of each!
Compatible with Adam, Aesthetic, Belleza, Gianni, Slink and TMP mesh bodies.
⚜ ⚜ ⚜
This adorable couple pose includes the umbrella too!
⚜ ⚜ ⚜
Pictured here are just a few of the items from the  Crisanta Collection Adorably Strange Wares.
The Ground Leaves, Pathways and Trees are perfect for this Autumn Season!
⚜ ⚜ ⚜
By Hayabusa Design are the Fern Deep Forest and the Fairy Trees with Flowers.
For both the Ferns and the Fairy Trees, ALL seasons are included, with 30 foliage!
These trees and fern have a ‘natural wind effect’ ..
(Venom told me as she was posing on Marko, that she loves the swishy trees!) 😀
⚜ ⚜ ⚜
Here are just a couple of items from the Brogan Collection, brand new by Thaino Designs!
You can purchase all of the items in the collection separately or
if you wish to purchase the full set, you will receive a 20% discount!
⚜ ⚜ ⚜ ⚜
Rissa is wearing:
Imani Outfit by KiB Designs (currently available at the Sense Event)
Hair: the Sweetie Hair by Olive (available at the main-store)
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, Hands & Feet ⚜ LeLutka Simone Head

Marko is wearing:
Ed Sweater (Rust) by I.M. Collection (currently available at the Sense Event)
Ed Jeans (2) by I.M. Collection (currently available at the Sense Event)
Hair: Boy Next Door by Exile (available at the main-store!)
Belleza Jake Body, Hands & Feet ⚜ LeLutka Head
Decor Information:
(all currently available at the Sense Event!)

⚜ ⚜ by Adorably Strange Wares ⚜ ⚜
The Crisanta Ground Leaves
The Crisanta Pathways
The Crisanta Trees (in Red & Yellow)

⚜ ⚜ by Hayabusa Design ⚜ ⚜
Fairy Tree of Flower

⚜ ⚜ by Thaino Designs ⚜ ⚜
Brogan Cats Pumpkin Garden
Brogan Garden Arbor

Photography Information
Pose: Bento Couple Pluie 8* by Jess Poses   (currently available at the Sense Event)
Photography by Rissa Bolissima

⚜ ⚜ ⚜ ⚜
Adorably Strange Wares
In-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr

In-World ⚜ Flickr ⚜ Web

In-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr ⚜ Facebook

Hayabusa Design
In-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr ⚜ Facebook ⚜ Blog

I.M. Collection
In-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr ⚜ Facebook

Jess Poses
KiB Designs
Olive Hair
Thaino Designs
In-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr

Sense Event
Runs 18th – 8th each month
In-World ⚜ Website ⚜ Flickr ⚜ Facebook

⚜ a special thank you to Venom for logging in and posing on Marko for me for this picture!⚜
⚜ and another thank you to Darien, for helping me with a name for the post!! ⚜

no crocodiles on this beach





It’s colder now at the beach. I woke up early Sunday morning to make some pictures. It was still cold in my home. Feeling cold in rl influenced my picture making. Nic is walking standing and sitting on a cold beach therefore today. No crocodiles on this beach ;)!

Fortunately she is wearing a warm sweater and leg warmers.
She is showing you several things from the Sense Event: the sweater and shoes, the necklaces, the skin and the nail polish.
The sweater and shoes are from I.M.C. I love the model of the sweater. Available in several colors. Nice for autumn. The shoes come in a fat pack. The colors combine with the sweaters. The skin from 7 Deadly s[K]ins has light eyebrows and light colored freckles, a bit red cheeks and nose and a soft lip color. Nic is wearing skin tone pineapple. The three necklaces from Romazin you get with a hud for the metals. With the nail applier from KOSMETIK you can give all nails the same texture, like i did, but you can also choose another texture for every separate nail. Appliers for Omega, Maitreya, Slink etc.
Nic is wearing shorts from the Halloween hunt at Ricielli. Yeah… hunting time again there. On the board i the shop you can see what you can get.
The legwarmer is a present at The Seasons Story. Pose on the last picture is also available at The Seasons Story as a gift.

Oh and pssst.. i am accepted as event blogger for the LOOK event. In November i will show you items from that event. I am looking forward to it.

At the Sense event:
Skin- 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Sense – 7 Deadly s[K]ins –  ARYEL lights (NEW)
Necklaces: Romazin at Sense – Romazin – Set Necklace <Tori>, Black (NEW)
Nails: KOSMETIK  at Sense – KOSMETIK  Nail Appliers Divinity Red (NEW)
Sweater: I.M.C. at Sense – I.M.C.Heart of Autumn Sweater Maroon (NEW)
Mules: I.M.C. at Sense – I.M.C.Heart of Autumn Mules (NEW)

Shorts: Ricielli – Ricielli – Halloween Hunt 2019 ITEM #1 (15ld)
Leg warmer: :: ANTAYA :: at TSS – :: ANTAYA :: – Black gaiters “Lola” *TSS GIFT*(free)
Pose at last picture: ::WetCat:: at TSS – ::WetCat:: Seasons Story Gift (free)
From inventory: cigarette – [ kunst ]; body – Maitreya; head – LeLutka; hair – Stealthic (Fleeting); Samoyed pup companion – Jian; sitting pose – Lyrium; It’s cold pose ( close up) – KoKoLoReS; pose first picture -*CC*
Pictures made at Amrum
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval

BAR TIME! – LOOK #2170



When you get to your favorite bar, you need to be dressed sexy!



Make up: StunnerOriginals – LipGloss Splendor (Sense Event)
Tattoo: Savage – Yumi Tattoo (Sense Event)
I.M.C. Anya Jeans Classic Denim (Sense Event)
I.M.C. Anya Top Rose (Sense Event)

Furniture/Decor: [satus Inc] Mini Bar Shelf (Sense Event)

your taxi to:

Sense Event: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DreamsLand/168/125/1501


By Syleena Sheridan

Look 1027 – Fries Before Guys !


Left :

-FABIA- Mesh Hair – Pat

I.M.C. Anya Top Lara Teal @ Sense

I.M.C. Anya Jeans Lara Bright Blue @ Sense

I.M.C. Anya Chain Lara GOLD @ Sense

Fortuna – Idole earring @ Sense

adored – cutie donut ears – drippy – sherbert #6


Right :

-FABIA- Gacha- Danna

Romazin – Garter @ Sense

Fortuna – Idole earring @ Sense

:: DS :: Kim Glasses @ Sense

1 Hundred. Tasty Mini. Fuschia @ Sense

ERSCH+DREAMCATCHER – Jeong Gacha Leather Choker Gold

(Yummy) Macaron Fascinators -Strawberry Love

{S0NG} Chuu Lipbalm Liptints – Genus Applier @ Kustom9


Decor :


Bad Kitchen RARE – Neon Kitchen – The Bearded Guy @ Sense

Neon Fries – Neon Kitchen – The Bearded Guy @ Sense

Neon Pizza – Neon Kitchen – The Bearded Guy @ Sense

+Half-Deer+ Donut Decadence – Pastel Sprinkles

+Half-Deer+ Purrfect Patisserie – Neko Donut Display RARE

+Half-Deer+ Desert Doki Doki Cactus – Green – Potted

+Half-Deer+ Starbreeze Palm Tree – Small Pot – Hot Pink

{moss&mink} Melty Planter 1 – VIP Gift

{moss&mink} Melty Planter 2 – VIP Gift

{moss&mink} Melty Planter 3 – VIP Gift

Pose : ::WetCat:: “My Army” Couple Pose STAND


By  KittyVonCat