wasted syllabes





Wasted syllabes…many sentences she tried, but nothing could express, what is going on inside her.
Maybe the poetry of the Persian Mystic poet Jalaluddin Rumi expresses better what she wants to say.

Hidden from all..
i will speak to you without words
i talk to you without anybody hearing us
and even though i talk to you, when everyone is present
there is nobody except you hearing us

Nic is surrounded by papers with wasted syllabes. It’s from the pose gacha of Le Poppycock at TLC.
She is leaning against a lounger from Bloom!, the shop near **Mistique**. Many nice animations are in the lounge bed. On the ground a cracker basket, pistachio cup and pistachio hummus. All from MADRAS at The Food Court Event. A new event that opened at 5th of January and will end at January 28th. I love food knickknacks in sl. The cups with and without beans are from MADRAS too, available in the main shop. On the stool near Nic you can see MyPhone radio, a release from The Owl at Men only Monthly. A nice gadget for your music. In a note card is the instruction manual .
The slide door table with books from MADRAS is from Nic’s inventory.
I made the pictures in a super cute cabin, a new release from Scarlet Creative at Shiny Shabby ( 50% off/199ld)(LI55)

Nic is showing a new released hair from Truth. Comes of course with a styling possibility. So beautiful this hair is. The warm knitted off shoulder sweater is from TO.KISKI  at Sense. Available in eight colors. Nic is wearing the sweater with a jeans from Addams, with a diamond belt. She is wearing the ripped version. There is also a non ripped version in package. The booties are from Mosquito’s way at Sense. Comes with the well know good color hud. You can change the color of several parts of the shoes. The skin is skin Julie from 7 Deadly s[K]ins  at eBENTO.
The love necklace from Spernatural comes in 3 colors, available at Belle event

Jeans: Addams // – Addams // Penelope Jeans with Diamond Belt // N*36
Sweater: TO.KISKI at Sense – TO.KISKI Valentina Off Shoulder Sweater – Champagne (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at eBento – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – JULIE lights / skin tone pineapple (NEW)
Booties: Mosquito’s Way at Sense – Mosquito’s Way – Colette (NEW)
Hair: TRUTH – TRUTH Opium – Brunette (NEW)
Necklace: .::Supernatural::.  at Belle – .::Supernatural::. Juliana Set Fatpack (NEW)
Pose: Le Poppy Cock at TLC – Le Poppycock *Writer’s Block* Wasted Syllabes (Gacha – 69ld each play/NEW)
From inventory: head – LeLutka ; body – Maitreya

Cabin: Scarlet Creative at Shiny Shabby -Scarlet Creative Trinity Cabin Boxed 0.2 (NEW/ 50% off during event)
Lounger: Bloom! – Bloom! – Lounge Crescent Pink (NEW)
Pistachio set: MADRAS at The Food Court – MADRAS Imane Set (NEW)
MyPhone Radio: The Owl. at MOM – The Owl. MyPhone Radio White
From inventory: cats- Image Essentials; coffee cups – MADRAS; stool Nutmeg.(old gift; paperwhites – Granola ( old gift); mice – PewPew!; vintage slide door table with books – MADRAS
Bye bye, Nic

By Nicandra Laval

grey sky days



Last days it’s waiting, waiting and waiting for news. Worries to get bad news. But hoping for the better. Where ever Nic is, she is waiting. Every spark of hope makes her happy.

Nic is  kneeling in front of a chest  (PG/Adult) with pillows and blankets from .:Tm:., available at the Look event. Nic’s pose is from Le Poppycock however. Try the chest at Look. A nice one for Valentines day. Useful for inside and outside your home. A good one on you pier or dock or terrace. Comes with a sparkle ground cover ( not shown here).
Nic is showing you from the Sense event a sweater and jeans from B.D.R. and a bag from Kokoro Poses. The sweater you can buy as fat pack with a good color hud. The pants with boots ( not shown here) are a separate pack ( with color hud).  Nic’s stomper boots are from [Complex] at Kustom9 Her hair is from tram at Uber. Two styling options in the package. The skin used is the skin Julie from 7 Deadly s[K]ins at eBento again.
The killer mesh nails are from )O( Charmed )O( at the Look Event. The color hud has 30 colors.

Pants: *B.D.R* at Sense – *B.D.R.* Grey Sky Day -Jeans & Boots ( not shown here) (NEW)
Sweater: *B.D.R* at Sense  – *B.D.R.* Grey Sky Day -Sweater-(NEW)
Hair: tram at Uber – tram J0109 hair / HUD-A ( 2 styling versions) (NEW)
Stomper boots: [COMPLEX] – at Kustom9 – [COMPLEX] STOMPER BOOTS – BLACK (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at eBento – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – JULIE lights / skin tone pineapple (NEW)
Bag: Kokoro Poses at Sense –  Kokoro Poses – Bag 05 Holding
Nails: )O( CHARMED )O( – at Look )O( CHARMED )O( VENUS NAILS – (NEW)
Pose: Le Poppycock at TLC – Le Poppycock *Writer’s Block* Phantasm  (Gacha – 69ld each play/NEW)
Chest: .:Tm:. at Look – .:Tm:.C. B25 “Me You and Love” Chest PG-ADT/ Look 01-20 (NEW)
From inventory: body _-Maitreya; head – LeLutka ; seagulls [BMS]; cigarette – [ kunst ]
Pictures made at Cherishvile
Bye bye, Nic

By Nicandra Laval




The color purple is fitting today. Google the meaning of the color. In the meaning of colors, purple and violet represents the future, the imagination of dreams, while spiritually calming the emotions. They inspiring and enhance psychic ability and spiritual enlightenment, while at the same time keeping us grounded.
When i was making the pictures all around Nic got this purple touch because of the sort of light i used.

Nic is wearing a sexy combination from *SK*. The top with corset and the pants with the belt. You can buy them at the Sense event in two separate packs. The fat pack gives you more opportunities to mix and match.  Nic’s elegant shoes you also can find at the Sense event. They come with a good color hud to change many parts of the shoes.
Nic is wearing skin Maan from 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Designer Showcase. She is wearing skin tone pineapple.
In the decor you see a new release from Serenity Style, the herbalist set, available at the January round of the Belle event. The set includes a desk ( 1LI) , Stool (1LI), suitcase, open book, scissors, jars and books (1LI) each. The country hanging chair is an earlier release from Serenity Style.  You can find the chair in the main shop in an PG and Adult version, two chair textures and four textures for the fabrics ( change via menu). The animations are very good.
In the decor you can see the window decor and lantern ( with white flowers), the new groupgift from DJ/SF.  You can put your own texture in the window (its a separate face). Other items used are from Nic’s inventory. The picture of the fox i got from a very talented dear friend. Wishing him all the best these days.

Top with corset: *SK* at Sense – * SK * Kelly  Sweeter and corse (NEW)
Pants with belt: *SK* at Sense – * SK * Kelly  Pants and Belt (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Designer Showcase – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – MAAN lights (NEW)
Shoes: [StephaneL] at Sense – [StephaneL] STEFY SHOES (NEW)
From inventory: hair – Doux (Mona); body – Maitreya; head – LeLutka

Window & Lantern decor: DJ.SF – DJ.SF Window & Lantern Decor (GG/ free/ group join 20 ld)
Hanging chair: Serenity Style – Serenity Style- Country Hanging Chair
The Herbalist set: Serenity Style at BELLE – The Herbalist Set (NEW)
From inventory: hanging sneakers worn – Nutmeg.; orchids – Chez Moi; entry bench – DJ/SF; rug – unKindness; spring sprouts – [ keke ] ; painters manequen – Bazar; plant – dust bunny; rays – Alirium; hanging lamps – hive //; apothecary lamp – Pilot; pot’s decor – MADRAS; pile of 3 pots – -Mint-,  seed beds – [InsurreKtion]; fox painting – from a friend; greenhouse – Chez Moi; artic fox – Jian
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval

i sense your love





You are the light.. song of my life…you always lead me… you are the voice inside
Since your love got a hold on me ..i am changed..
I sense your love..

Another post with items from the Sense Event. You can see a luxurious dress, booties, necklace and earrings and glasses now. The dress has a hud for several colors. The plain part of Nic’s dress is long. There is a model in the hud with a bit shorter side. The booties have a color hud with forty colors for the shoes and the rope. Five colors for the metals and four for the sole.The necklace and earrings come with a color hud too.You can buy them separately or as a set.
Te glasses have also a very good hud.
The cute lamb sweets are a gift at /andika. Comes with dispensers, so your guests can get a treat.
The skin is the same skin as yesterday at the blog.
The hair is the latest group gift of Truth.
The Rottweiler is an Animesh companion from [Rezz Room], available at the Man Cave Event.

Jewelry: Fortuna at Sense – Fortuna – jewelry set Valerie(NEW)
Dress: KiB Designs at Sense -KiB Designs – Rhiannon Dress (NEW)
Booties: [Sheba] at Sense – [Sheba] Alisha Booties (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Sense – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – SIBERIA lights (NEW)
Glasses: :: DS :: at Sense – :: DS :: Irina Glasses (NEW)
Hair: TRUTH – /TRUTH/ Eternity ( free/gg/ grooup join fee)
Sheep sweets: /andika – wear/andika [Monn Milk Dispenser Set]/Group Gift (free)
Rottweiler: [Rezz Room] at Man Cave  – [Rezz Room] Box FATPACK Rottweiler Blogger (NEW)
From inventory: head – LeLutka; body – Maitreya; legging applier – ; fur – Foxes; pose – Le Poppycock
Pictures made at: Frogmore
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval

the sense of meditation and bathing




The sense of meditation and bathing can be so healing. I can recommend it to you. In sl there are good meditation places  everywhere. Go there with a friend  and sit silent 30 minutes. Breath deeply in and out and follow your breathing and let all just happen what follows. It will be wonderful.
You can also make your own meditation place in sl.
Taking a bath after the meditation is also pure enjoyment.
Nic is sitting near her bath, leaning on the bath bench from Salacity. I promised to show the bath stool in a different way, then in a post some days earlier. Nic’s  bodysuit from [Eternus] you can buy at Sense. You can buy seven separate colors (each for an affordable price) or a fat pack. The middle part can be in lace or plain color.
The necklaces from Romazin comes with a color hud. In the package are also earrings. The skin from 7 Deadly s[K]ins ias also available at Sense as well as the eyeshadow from StunnerOriginals.
Nic is using her lipstick from [Reviver].

Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Sense – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – SIBERIA lights (NEW)
Bodysuit: [Eternus] at Sense Praline Bodysuit Fatpack (NEW)
Eyeshadow: .:: StunnerOriginals ::. at Sense  – .:: StunnerOriginals ::. Eyeshadow Reddish (NEW)
Necklace: Romazin at Sense – part of Romazin – Set <Louise> comes with earrings(NEW)
From inventory: Hair – Truth ( Surrender); body – Maitreya; head – LeLutka; cigarette – [ Kunst ]

In decor:
Bath: Apple Fall – Apple Fall Victoria Clawfoot Tub
Towel rack: *Fapple – *Fapple- MM Gacha- Towel Hanger (gacha)
Bath bench: Salacity at SPICY – Salacity – Bath Bench (add me)
Japanese paper lanterns: Tsunami Creations –  Japanese Sakura Paper Lantern and paper lantern bamboo ( both free/ totally downstairs)
From inventory: cheese plants – dust.bunny; pomeranians – MishMish: paper cranes – Silvery K; round room divider – Maru -Kado; reed screen – Soy.;  zen stones tray and bottle of scented oils – AXLpro; towel on bath – [sf] ( Shutter Field); moisture cream and shower gel – Soy.
Bye bye, Nic

By Nicandra Laval

sending light and energy






Sending light and energy. It’s a miracle but it happens. This golden dust from :::ChicChica::: at Tannenbaum is for me a symbol thereof
Nic is wearing a sexy gown with a  glitter layer from Beautiful Dirty Rich ( a fat Pack)  at SENSE. The dress comes with a large hud for colors and with a tinting possibility and a part for the brightness and glow level of the glitter layer. You also can buy a fat pack with  heels with a same sort of HUD.
Nic is wearing the gown with a necklace from Moondance Boutique at SENSE. The necklace is part of a jewelry set with a crown, earrings, bracelets and a ring. Comes with a color hud for gems and metals.
The chairs, Christmas tree, rug , table, candles and the champagne you can buy at SENSE. The chair has a color change menu. In the pack is also a beautiful chandelier and a table with a plant (not shown here). All has a classic rich style.
Behind Nic on the wall still lifes from +Sempiternal, a gift at Shop& Hop.

Dress:*B.D.R.* at SENSE— *B.D.R.* Celebration -Dress with glitter layer  and hud for colors(NEW)
Shoes:*B.D.R.* at SENSE –  …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Celebration -Heels-with glitter layer and hud for colors (NEW)
Necklace: Moondance Boutique at SENSE – Moondance Boutique part of Aria Crown Jewels Full Set (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Tlalli Fair – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – GENIE wearing skin tone pineapple (new)
Stardust: :::ChicChica::: at Tannenbaum -:::ChicChica::: Stardust (NEW)
From inventory: hair – Doux (Mona); head – LeLutka; body – Maitreya

Chairs, rug, champagne, side table, Christmas tree (chandelier and plant table not shown) : Evhah at SENSE – evh Didie (NEW)
Side table with puppies: JIAN – JIAN Holiday Treats Side Table (GG/free/NEW)
Still lifes: + SEMPITERNAL at Shop & Hop ( Golden)+ SEMPITERNAL [Still Life & Portraits](free)
From inventory; home – Scarlet Creative (Aria Cottage); potted palms – Kaerri; lace curtain- Knick Knacks; curtain – ANE; harp – Death Row Designs
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval

just fun




With the sledge to the sauna in the snow. Playing is fun. Deer headbands on their heads. Funny backpacks for the drinks. And there they go. Dressed warm for outside in the snow.

For José i found the warm jacket with shirt and shoes as a promo fat pack at Marketplace. So you can wear this in your favorite colors. The deer head band is a gift in the Advent calendar at Yasum, day day 18, all past days still available.
From the Sense event Nic is i showing you: her dress, the deers in the snow with lights with trees with lights, the other trees and i used some icebergs in the landscape.
Shop& Hop, the big holiday Linden event at six sims is running at the moment. All stands have gifts for you. It  is a lot of work to gather all, but i can recommend to go because the presents have a very good quality. The backpack, Nic’s hair, the vintage snowman, the present with the angry grouchy cat, the red Christmas tree and the tumbler are from the Shop & Hop event.
The sledge and the sauna are from Chez Moi. The Sauna ( Adult) has many animations. You can choose 3 sorts of density of the steam. The cabin is available with and without snow.
With the Sign you can rezz a sledge for two. Available at the Cosmopolitans Sales Room.
Nic’s skin from 7 Deadly s[K]ins is available at the December round of Tlalli the Fair around the World. The booties are in the lucky boards at Mosquito’s Way. You get a fat pack

José is wearing:
Full clothes set with shoes: {CA} Caligula – CA Save 75% Promo Winter Outfits ( Fat Pack) 99ld
Head band: Yasum – Yasum*Add me*Advent-Gift*18 (free)
Backpack: ZED at Shop & Hop (Halcyon) — 2 GIFTS from the ::ZED:: mesh Backpack (free)
From inventory: Body – Signature; head – Catwa;

Nic is wearing:
Dress: – ADI- at SENSE -ADI-Hedda wool dress red (NEW)
Hair:  Mina at Shop&Hop ( Golden) – MINA – Milena – Essentials for 2019 Winter (NEW)
Head band: Yasum – Yasum*Add me*Advent-Gift*18 (free)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Tlalli Fair – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – GENIE wearing skin tone pineapple (new)
Tumbler: +Half-Deer+ at Shop & Hop ( Guilded)  – +Half-Deer+ Cozy Deer Tumbler (wearable) (Free)
Shoes: Mosquito’s Way – Mosquito’s Way – Sabrina (free/LB)
From inventry: head – LeLutka; body – Maitreya; Ear muffs – Argrace

Tree and grass: little branch at SENSE – LB_WildShingleOak{Animated}*4Seasons_Pack (NEW)
Iceberg pieces: (Fundati) at SENSE – (Fundati) Icey Iceberg Set 1.0 (NEW)
Deers and lights and trees with lights: .:(CW):. at SENSE – .:(CW):. Whispering Winter Set (NEW)
Present with angry grouchy cat: [Rezz Room] at Shop & Hop ( Golden)  – [Rezz Room] Box Angry Grouchy Xmas (free)
Red Christmas tree: Milk Motion at Shop & Hop (Golden) – (Milk Motion) red christmas tree – GIFT (free)
Vintage Snowman: Serenity Style at Shop & Hop ( Gilded ) – Serenity Style- Vintage snowman (free)
Sauna: Chez Moi at Tres Chic  ( dec 17 – Jan 10th) –  Montreal Sauna  * CHEZ MOI (NEW)
Sledge: Chez Moi at CSR – Sledding Sign CHEZ MOI Sled Duo  (NEW)
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval