winter cabin




Decorating is done in her winter cabin. Now it’s time for the dogs to go out. They are styled for Christmas. Inside it’s warm with the fireplace from Shutter Field and decorating makes warm. Nic is therefore not dressed in thick clothing. This set you can get at the Sense event. It’s not the event special, but i like this one very much. Just simple sweet and elegant. The top is a bit sexy transparent.
For going outside she will need a cosy warm fur coat. At Black Friday maybe she can find one in the sale somewhere. She is wearing hair from Sintiklia. The shop has 60% off sale for Black Friday!  Fitting shoes i found at Tetra. I was there for the Black Friday sale and saw these group gift shoes. Group join is 50ld.
From Lush are the standing pose and the lipstick. Both available at the Black Friday Bazaar and both 25% off.
See for the decor items the credits. Many items are available at the Tannenbaum Holiday Market.
The Santa Claus decor set from Madras contains the wooden table with cloth, book decor, Santa doll, and the lantern. I used for the Christmas trees ornaments from the Gabriel gacha ( the Polar Bears) and the beautiful ornaments from Serenity Style, all available at Tannenbaum. I love the sled and the Ski stand from DJ/SF. Several nice colors are available. For the cushion on the sled there is a menu when you click the sled.

Nails: N.Kolour: at SENSE – N.Kolour: Autumn Leaves Nail Applier (NEW)
Shoes: TETRA – TETRA – Feather sandals (free/GG/Group join 50ld)
Hair: Sintiklia – Sintiklia Hair Llona  light blond (60% off /Black Friday)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins  at Shiny Shabby– 7 Deadly s[K]ins –  SEDONA lights (NEW)
Pose: Lush Poses at Black Friday Bazaar – part of -Lush Poses – Hazel – Female bento pose pack (Black Friday/25% off)
Lipstick : Lush at Black Friday Bazaar – Lush – SMACK -orange red lipstick (Black Friday/25% off)
From inventory: body – Maitreya; head – LeLutka; rings – LUOVA at TLC ( see here)

Ski stand  and Sled: DJ/ SF at Tannenbaum – DJ / SF  – Ski Stand & Sleds for Tannenbaum (NEW)
Santa Claus decor: MADRAS at Tannenbaum – MADRAS Santa Claus Decor Full Set (NEW)
Ornaments: Serenity Style at Tannenbaum – Serenity Style-Callie Aged ornaments (NEW)
Polar bear ornaments: Gabriël At Tannenbaum – ::GB:: Polar bear ornament (Rare 1, 5 and 2) NEW/gacha)
Dalmatier: TLC at Tannenbaum – TLC Wearable Animesh Companion_Dalmatian XMAS*(NEW)
St.Bernhard Reindeer Companion: JIAN  – JIAN Snowday St.Bernards 5. Reindeer Companion
Vintage trunk, home made cider, sweater weather: dust bunny – dust bunny & Con. . cider sunsets . fatpack
Fireplace: DJ/SF – DJ/SF Fireplace V2 – Red
Pillow pile: DJ/SF – DJ/SF – MF PG – Black
Table and chair : Elm. – Elm. Marigold Breakfast Table  and Chair – [White]
Wreath, 3 hanging starts /light, potted evergreen, evergreen garland, tray with mugs : Second Life  –  Winter Premium Decorating Kit 2019 v2.0 (NEW)
From inventory: Xmas tree with lights – [Aikioto]; waiting for santa paws – O.M.E.N.; Holiday Huskies pupper present – JIAN; rug – [DDD]; Mice Carry – Culprit; Leash:- [Rezz Room] ; winter cabin- Second Life premium Gift (old)
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval

tropical sense






Some time ago i made a Mexican village street (here). Now a Mexican square, because i got the backdrop from The Bearded Guy. A colorful background (ice shop) with on the street the plastic tables and chairs.You can eat and relax at the square. Nic bought a pizza. On her way home she is already eating a piece.

I show you several items from the new round of the Sense event: the dress with boots from :::Wild:::, the tattoo from Juna, the background,  the head accessory from Zibska and the earring from Fortuna ( comes in a set with a necklace/not shown here)
The giving of thanks hunt started the 20th and will run a week. You need search pumpkins. Easy to do. I show  you from that hunt: the daybed from .:M.Law:., thanks giving blueberry tarte and dishes from [Cinoe], plates from Sway’s and one of the poses from Fashiowl ( with the turkey and the pizza props).

Dress and boots: :::WILD::: at Sense – :::WILD:::Fashion Havana Doll  (NEW)\
Tattoo: Juna at Sense – Juna: Blogger Pack for Sense Event – November (NEW)
Earring: Fortuna at Sense – part of Fortuna – jewelry set Butterfly with hud (NEW)
Hair accessory: Zibska at Sense – Pierina  head piece and orbit Zibska (NEW)
Pose and props (see text) : Fashiowl at TLC – Fashiowl – Don’t Worry – Box (hunt/ free)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Shiny Shabby (open 20th Nov) – 7 Deadly s[K]ins –  SEDONA lights
From inventory: head – LeLutka; body – Maitreya; Hair – Tableau Vivant ( Esperanza)

Backdrop with the chairs and tables: The Bearded Guy at Sense – Heladeria Polo Sur Backdrop (NEW)
Daybed with guitar: .:M.Law:. at TLC  – .:M.Law:.  dream Daybed ( free)
Plates: Sway’s at TLC – Sway’s [Jana} Place Setting- Giving of Thanks Hunt (free)
Tarte and plates: [Cinoe] at TLC – [Cinoe] Thanks giving tart (free)
Tablecentre piece pumpkins: KraftWork – KraftWork Centre piece ( free)
From inventory: neo lights – MADRAS; light poles – Salacity; Lights – Lagom; palms – little branch; chihuahua’s – [Rezz Room]; pretzel cart – Kraftwork;
Bye bye, Nicice case – No 59 ( marketplace)


By Nicandra Laval

first snowfall




First snowfall and she is enjoying the view. The tree above her protects her. Her hanging chair is a perfect spot to look around to all the beauty. Her snowman pomeranian is making all sorts of funny movements in the meanwhile.

Nic is wearing an outfit from :::UNA:: at Equal10. When she is getting too cold, she can use the waist shirt. The set from :::UNA::: comes in 6 colors, more colors and textures in the fat pack hud.
Nic is also showing you 5 items from the Sense Event: the hanging chair from Evhah, the booties from I.M.C., the skin from 7 Deadly s[K]ins, the bracelets and rings from Moondance Boutique, and the hair from {Letituier}. The hair is good for using with the cap. The rings and bracelets are in a full set with a necklace. Comes with a color hud for the gems and metals. The hanging chair from Evhah is from a set with a same sort of chair, a table with flowers and plants in vases. I like to use the hanging chair outside under a tree. The chair has many animations and many textures.
The cap is from a M.Birdie gacha. Was in the October round of Kustom 9 . Now in the main shop. I got this one at marketplace. I am loving this cap.

The cute snowman Pomeranian Animesh Companian is from [Rezz Room] at Tannenbaum, the super Holiday market. They also have a cute Pomeraian Elf out. Go and see.

Outfit: :::UNA::: at Equal 10 – UNA.Sk. Phoebe (NEW)
Booties: I.M.C at Sense – I.M.C. Chloe Black Boots (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Sense – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – DEEN lights (skin tone pineapple) ((NEW)
Bracelets and rings: Moondance Boutique at Sense – Moondance Boutique – Olivia Full Set(NEW)
Hair: [Letituier} at Sense – {Letituier} Giana Hair (NEW)
Cap: M.BIRDIE – `M.BIRDIE / Kaven look.HAT5
From inventory: head – LeLutka; body – Maitreya; winter nose and cheeks – Izzie’s (free)

Snowman pomeranian: [Rezz Room] at Tannenbaum – [Rezz Room] Box Pomeranian Snowman Animesh (Companion)(NEW)
Hanging chair: Evhah at Sense – part of EVH Cozumel SET (NEW)
Leaves ground cover with lights: SynCo at The Liaison Collaborative – SynCo – TLC (free/hunt /1 week)
From inventory: frosty leaves and lights – Lagom; snow – Le Poppycock
Pictures made at : Whimberly 
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval

at the garage


The tough guy from the garage has sold her a motorbike. She liked his motor jacket and bought that one too. Now he teaches her how to use the bike. Hope he survived it.
It’s cool to make blog posts together with someone who is blogger too. José has all sorts of things in his inventory that we can use. For example the tough pose of him on the second and third picture.
The Animare hud that i always use to influence poses, he got to know through me. A useful collaboration. Just the time zone difference is a bit difficult. He lives in Brasil and Nic in Holland.  It’s nice to show more male stuff here again at my blog. Thanks again José

I made the scene with bikes from AXL Pro and a Pose-by-Us prop, that i got a while ago. The grey garage doors are a gift from [ ninety ] at Kustom9. The garage building and the oil drums are in a gacha from MADRAS. Behind the buildings are trees from ~ASW~ at Sense. Many useful environment sets from ~ASW~ you can buy to create an autumn environment. From the trees leaves are regularly blown off.  The bigger (static) leaves you can get as a gift at the Seasons Story. The garage boards are from marketplace.

The motor jackets are the L’Homme Readers group gift at [ContraptioN]. Nic is wearing also the male version. Using your body hud hiding the alpha’s will work fine. You need a applier pants under it. The boots are from Beautiful Dirty Rich at Sense. Nic’s gloves are from amias. For a close-up see below. Nic is wearing skin Hally from 7 Deadly s[K]ins at the Dark Style Fair. Hally comes also in a cracked skin and a grey skin special. I love the cracked skin. May be if i am doing another Halloween post i can show you.

José is wearing a group gift pants from Gutchi. Group join is free. The designer is from Brasil. His facial hair is a gift at ((Mister Razzor)). His hair is a gift at Modulus. The jacket is from [Contraption] of course. The gloves an old gift at [Contraption]. Not available anymore. Shoes an old gift at [VERSOV], still available. I made a close-up from his ear piercing. Nice may be for Halloween.

José is wearing:
Jacket: [ContraptioN] –  [ContraptioN] Roamer’s Top *SUNDOWN* (free/ L’Homme GG)
Shoes: [VERSOV] – [VERSOV] JUMPOV GROUPGIFT (free/old GG/ Available)
Facial hair: (( Mister Razzor)) -((Mister Razzor)) Bill facial Hair (free/gg)
Hair: Modulus –  Modulus – Cole Hair (free)
Socks:  {COLD-ASH} –  {COLD-ASH} Mens MESH BASIC SOCKS (free/gg)
Pose on picture 2 and 3: ~X.T.C PoSes~  – ~X.T.C PoSes~ Just Waiting
From inventory; gloves – [ContraptioN]( not available anymore); body – Signature; head – Catwa (Daniel); ear piercing- CODEX; skin – Stray Dog ( Alex)

Nic is wearing:
Jacket: [ContraptioN] –  [ContraptioN] Roamer’s Top *SUNDOWN* (free/ L’Homme GG)
Pants: GUTCHI –  GUTCHI – Stylized Denim “Gianni”
Skin: 7 Deadly s[Kins at DSF – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – HALLY lights (NEW)
Boots: …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… at Sense -…:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… The Nocturnal -Combat Boots (NEW)
Pants applier: Vika Creations – Vika Design – Pinos Pants applier ( Maitreyaa/Belleza) (9ld)
Gloves: amias – amias – FAE gloves
From inventory: Hair – DOUX (Air);head – LeLutka; body – Maitreya; ring – Fapple; pose – AXL Pro

Trees: ~ASW~ at Sense ~ASW~ The Crisanta Tree Set and ~ASW~ The Crisanta Lantern Tree (NEW)
Garage door backdrop: [ ninety ] at Kustom 9  – [ ninety ] Backdrop kustom 9 gift ( free)
Leaves: [Stargazer Creations] at TSS – [Stargazer Creations] Niarise Leaves – Pumpkin GIFT (free)
From inventory: garage signs – at marketplace; garage and oil bin  – MADRAS (gacha); motor bikes – AXL Pro and Pose-by Us.
Bye bye, Nic

let your life be sparkling




Let your life be sparkling. Clear as sparkling water. Loss is part of life. Being strong will not help to diminish your pain. Mourning is hard working with ups and downs. I hope that after a very sad and black period in your life you suddenly notice that there is something that makes you happy again. This can start sometimes with something very tiny.

Nic is standing in a boudoir. Nearly in Kawaii style. All sweet, sparkling and pink but with a dash of naughtiness. See the rose petals from Unkindness on the ground and on the day bed. These message petals are available at FaMESHed X. There are several naught texts.
In the boudoir you can see a daybed from Serenity Style. Available at the new round of the Belle Event.
The mirrors and tables are from Salacity (blogged before here) I change the tables a bit.. made them larger so the table could be used as coffee table. The size you can buy is like the size of the table to the left of the day bed. Around the mirrors i placed the glowing hearts. I made it with door bling hearts from Breaux Willow. A gift at the Season’s Story.
In the room you see the cloud couch, Geo tables in white and gold and a Geo wall decor. All from CHEZ MOI in the main store.
For all knick-knacks see the credits. Many are gifts.

Nic is wearing a beautiful gown from Ghee, available at Sense. Comes with a color hud. Also orange is in the hud, good for Halloween. The shoes are from Mosquito’s Way. Comes with a color hud. You can change separate parts of the shoes.
The skin is from 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Dubai. Nic is wearing skin tone pineapple.
I love Nic’s  beautiful hair from Stealthic. Comes with a styling hud.

Dress: Ghee at Sense – Ghee Tessa Tuxedo Gown  with color hud (NEW)
Hair: Stealthic – Stealthic – Porcelain (Browns)
Shoes: Mosquito’s Way – Mosquito’s Way – Martina with color hud
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins  at Dubai – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – DELTA lights skin tone Pineapple (NEW)
Choker: NINI TSS – NINI Plaent. – Halloween gift Choker  *TSS GIFT*(free)
Black Nails: DAZED at TSS – DAZED. Raven Bento Nails *TSS GIFT*(free)
Rings: Mellow at TSS – Mellow / Maitreya Ring Set Copper [The Seasons Story Anni Gift](free)
Necklace: MIDNA at TSS – *MIDNA – Thays Necklace *TSS GIFT*(free)
Pose: Lush Poses – part of Lush Poses – Glamorous – Female Bento Pose Pack
From inventory: head – LeLutka; body – Maitreya

Home: at Sense – PP – Adobe – Sense Exclusive (NEW)
Daybed: Serenity Style at Belle Event -Serenity Style- Darian Daybed (NEW)
Cloud Couch Set with Star Geo wall decor and Geo Accent table – CHEZ MOI -Cloud Couch Set  * CHEZ MOI
Petals messages : unKindness at FaMESHed X – uk – Petal Messages – FaMESHed X (NEW)
Hearts around the mirrors: Breaux Willow at TSS – *Breaux Willow – Door Bling Kii’s Hearts ~ Glow (free)
Mirror: Salacity at TLC – Salacity Shiva Mirror (NEW)
White Basin table – Salacity at TLC – Salacity Basin Table (NEW)
Aged Candle stick: Salacity at TLC – Salacity Aged Cadle stick (NEW)
Pumpkin tray:  {Unflat Stuff}at TSS – {Unflat Stuff} Pumpkin Tray *TSS GIFT*(free)
Sushi food tray – Candy Crunchers at TSS – Candy Crunchers -Sushi Food Tray  *TSS GIFT*(free)
LOVE letters made with Letter bBoard: MudHoney at TSS – MudHoney Letter Board (gift)
Coffee mug and lighter: ..::THOR::.. at Kustom9 – ..::THOR::.. K9 BDay Gift (free)
Glasses holder: [ Zerkalo ]at Kustom 9 – Old TV Bar – Glasses Holder K9 gifts Oct 2019
Dwarf umbrella tree: Mithral at Kustom 9  – Mithral Dwarf umbrella tree ( free)
From inventory: Rug – DDD; Swallows – {anc}; champagne set- [TA]; lights – Lagom; glass vase – Ariskea
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval

no crocodiles on this beach





It’s colder now at the beach. I woke up early Sunday morning to make some pictures. It was still cold in my home. Feeling cold in rl influenced my picture making. Nic is walking standing and sitting on a cold beach therefore today. No crocodiles on this beach ;)!

Fortunately she is wearing a warm sweater and leg warmers.
She is showing you several things from the Sense Event: the sweater and shoes, the necklaces, the skin and the nail polish.
The sweater and shoes are from I.M.C. I love the model of the sweater. Available in several colors. Nice for autumn. The shoes come in a fat pack. The colors combine with the sweaters. The skin from 7 Deadly s[K]ins has light eyebrows and light colored freckles, a bit red cheeks and nose and a soft lip color. Nic is wearing skin tone pineapple. The three necklaces from Romazin you get with a hud for the metals. With the nail applier from KOSMETIK you can give all nails the same texture, like i did, but you can also choose another texture for every separate nail. Appliers for Omega, Maitreya, Slink etc.
Nic is wearing shorts from the Halloween hunt at Ricielli. Yeah… hunting time again there. On the board i the shop you can see what you can get.
The legwarmer is a present at The Seasons Story. Pose on the last picture is also available at The Seasons Story as a gift.

Oh and pssst.. i am accepted as event blogger for the LOOK event. In November i will show you items from that event. I am looking forward to it.

At the Sense event:
Skin- 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Sense – 7 Deadly s[K]ins –  ARYEL lights (NEW)
Necklaces: Romazin at Sense – Romazin – Set Necklace <Tori>, Black (NEW)
Nails: KOSMETIK  at Sense – KOSMETIK  Nail Appliers Divinity Red (NEW)
Sweater: I.M.C. at Sense – I.M.C.Heart of Autumn Sweater Maroon (NEW)
Mules: I.M.C. at Sense – I.M.C.Heart of Autumn Mules (NEW)

Shorts: Ricielli – Ricielli – Halloween Hunt 2019 ITEM #1 (15ld)
Leg warmer: :: ANTAYA :: at TSS – :: ANTAYA :: – Black gaiters “Lola” *TSS GIFT*(free)
Pose at last picture: ::WetCat:: at TSS – ::WetCat:: Seasons Story Gift (free)
From inventory: cigarette – [ kunst ]; body – Maitreya; head – LeLutka; hair – Stealthic (Fleeting); Samoyed pup companion – Jian; sitting pose – Lyrium; It’s cold pose ( close up) – KoKoLoReS; pose first picture -*CC*
Pictures made at Amrum
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval

the sense of waiting





Yes a sense of waiting in her sexy outfit from *SK*, available at SENSE. The top is transparent. Walking through sl Nic is wearing a applier bra under it. A bra from Tetra you can use for example (gift). For at home and for a sexy meeting no bra ;). The set comes in many colors.
With this look Nic got the comment that she was styled Japanese. And well i can understand. The haircut is from [monso]. Morphine Yanick the designer is from Korea or Japan.
Nic’s skin is from 7 Deadly s[K]ins, available at the Dubai event. The skin has freckles around and at the nose.
Poses used are from Lush Poses. These are in the El Boom female bento poses pack at Twe12ve.
In the decor you can see a beautiful sofa and popcorn tray from Shutter Filed. A release in the main store. For my light decor this one fitted the best. But i like also very much the black/red set. The textures of the sheets are like satin.
On the wall the newest gift from ReKa  (NUTMEG – RKKN – RK POSES – RK.A – ETIQUETTE group), three still life paintings. I like them very much.
At the tray table from Mudhoney (from some time ago), i placed the Fifty Linden Friday items from dust.bunny from last weekend. Now for the normal price in the shop.
For the other items see the credits. Just want share that i bought this beach resort house (Nicole) from Scarlet Created. Always loved this house but now decided to buy finally. Also bought the reed screens from Soy.

Top, pants and belt :  *SK* at SENSE – * SK * Miranda (NEW)
Hair: [monso] at FaMESHed – [monso] My Hair – Anelu /Mixed (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Dubai – 7 Deadly s[K]ins –  MAZE lights (NEW)
Poses: Lush Poses at Twe12ve – Lush Poses – El Boom – Female Bento Pose Pack (NEW)
Form inventory: Head – LeLutka; body – Maitreya

House: Scarlet Creative – Scarlet Creative Nicole
Sofa and popcorn tray: Shutter Field – [sf] bloggers box –  Chix Sofa & Pocorn Tray (NEW)
Still lifes: ReKA – ReKa. Still Life Group Gift (free)
Vanity clutter: dust bunny – dust bunny . lauren bathroom . vanity clutter (was FLF/ now normal price)
Bath Bombs : dust.bunny – dust bunny . lauren bathroom . bath bombs ( recolored a part) (was FLF/ now normal price)
Reed screens: Soy. – Soy. Reed Screen -SUDARE-
Sparkle dust: LAGOM – LAGOM Sparle Dust ( LB/free)
Trees outside: Little Branch at SENSE –  LB_TulipTree.v2{Animated}4Seasons_Pack (NEW)
From inventory: Heron, pointer pups, river otters – TLC; tray table – Mudhoney; Tables – Nutmeg.; rug – Apple Fall; old photos basket  Serenity Style; Pyracantha berries in glass – Apple Fall; nectarines in basket – Apple Fall; mini pumpkins in fall bin – hive //; scented candle jasmine – Apple Fall; antique table lamp – Nutmeg.; lanterns – revival; plaster horse – Apple Fall; weave basket – [we’re CLOSED]
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval