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Deep breath.


Dear reader. Hope your great Sunday 🙂

The best season is now for Autumn leaves. Specially i love the red color leaf.
Spring also best season to see but i got impressed from autumn leaves every year.
That is in SL and in RL both.


Credit @ Painted Pixels in Sense October
House : PP – Adobe
*Detail parts color change by HUD

Credit @ FaceDesk in Sense October
Green tree : FaceDesk – All-Season Cuddle Tree Scene w/Falling Leaves
wood deck : FaceDesk – Fall Romance Platform *PG*

Credit @ ~Adorably Strange Wares~ in Sense October
yellow tree : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Trees – Yellow (L)
yellow tree with star : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Lantern Tree
Red tree : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Trees – Red (L)
Pathway : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Pathways – Long
pathway : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Pathways -Short
Pathway : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Pathways – T Junction
leaves ground cover: ~ASW~ The Crisanta Ground Leaves III
leaves ground cover : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Ground Leaves I
hay : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Hay Bales -Light
Hay : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Hay Bales – Leaves
Hay : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Sitting Hay Bales  I
pot : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Plant Set I

Credit @ Little branch in Sense October
Plant : LB_PonyTailPlant{Mesh}*WithPot

wall : <Heart Homes> Spring Gathering – outdoors wall  C @ Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes
bicycle decor : Incendia Autumn Yard Decoration (Shop closed)
Shrub : LB_WeepingWIillowShrub.v1{Animated}*4Seasons by Little branch

Happy shopping!
Thanks for coming to my blog.


By  xkumomix

let your life be sparkling




Let your life be sparkling. Clear as sparkling water. Loss is part of life. Being strong will not help to diminish your pain. Mourning is hard working with ups and downs. I hope that after a very sad and black period in your life you suddenly notice that there is something that makes you happy again. This can start sometimes with something very tiny.

Nic is standing in a boudoir. Nearly in Kawaii style. All sweet, sparkling and pink but with a dash of naughtiness. See the rose petals from Unkindness on the ground and on the day bed. These message petals are available at FaMESHed X. There are several naught texts.
In the boudoir you can see a daybed from Serenity Style. Available at the new round of the Belle Event.
The mirrors and tables are from Salacity (blogged before here) I change the tables a bit.. made them larger so the table could be used as coffee table. The size you can buy is like the size of the table to the left of the day bed. Around the mirrors i placed the glowing hearts. I made it with door bling hearts from Breaux Willow. A gift at the Season’s Story.
In the room you see the cloud couch, Geo tables in white and gold and a Geo wall decor. All from CHEZ MOI in the main store.
For all knick-knacks see the credits. Many are gifts.

Nic is wearing a beautiful gown from Ghee, available at Sense. Comes with a color hud. Also orange is in the hud, good for Halloween. The shoes are from Mosquito’s Way. Comes with a color hud. You can change separate parts of the shoes.
The skin is from 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Dubai. Nic is wearing skin tone pineapple.
I love Nic’s  beautiful hair from Stealthic. Comes with a styling hud.

Dress: Ghee at Sense – Ghee Tessa Tuxedo Gown  with color hud (NEW)
Hair: Stealthic – Stealthic – Porcelain (Browns)
Shoes: Mosquito’s Way – Mosquito’s Way – Martina with color hud
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins  at Dubai – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – DELTA lights skin tone Pineapple (NEW)
Choker: NINI TSS – NINI Plaent. – Halloween gift Choker  *TSS GIFT*(free)
Black Nails: DAZED at TSS – DAZED. Raven Bento Nails *TSS GIFT*(free)
Rings: Mellow at TSS – Mellow / Maitreya Ring Set Copper [The Seasons Story Anni Gift](free)
Necklace: MIDNA at TSS – *MIDNA – Thays Necklace *TSS GIFT*(free)
Pose: Lush Poses – part of Lush Poses – Glamorous – Female Bento Pose Pack
From inventory: head – LeLutka; body – Maitreya

Home: at Sense – PP – Adobe – Sense Exclusive (NEW)
Daybed: Serenity Style at Belle Event -Serenity Style- Darian Daybed (NEW)
Cloud Couch Set with Star Geo wall decor and Geo Accent table – CHEZ MOI -Cloud Couch Set  * CHEZ MOI
Petals messages : unKindness at FaMESHed X – uk – Petal Messages – FaMESHed X (NEW)
Hearts around the mirrors: Breaux Willow at TSS – *Breaux Willow – Door Bling Kii’s Hearts ~ Glow (free)
Mirror: Salacity at TLC – Salacity Shiva Mirror (NEW)
White Basin table – Salacity at TLC – Salacity Basin Table (NEW)
Aged Candle stick: Salacity at TLC – Salacity Aged Cadle stick (NEW)
Pumpkin tray:  {Unflat Stuff}at TSS – {Unflat Stuff} Pumpkin Tray *TSS GIFT*(free)
Sushi food tray – Candy Crunchers at TSS – Candy Crunchers -Sushi Food Tray  *TSS GIFT*(free)
LOVE letters made with Letter bBoard: MudHoney at TSS – MudHoney Letter Board (gift)
Coffee mug and lighter: ..::THOR::.. at Kustom9 – ..::THOR::.. K9 BDay Gift (free)
Glasses holder: [ Zerkalo ]at Kustom 9 – Old TV Bar – Glasses Holder K9 gifts Oct 2019
Dwarf umbrella tree: Mithral at Kustom 9  – Mithral Dwarf umbrella tree ( free)
From inventory: Rug – DDD; Swallows – {anc}; champagne set- [TA]; lights – Lagom; glass vase – Ariskea
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval

Home Proud…


Featured Items from SENSE Event (September 18th-October 8th)

  • [POHUI]  – Teona, Gacha items, Maitreya size only, 8 common tops/8 common skirts and 1 RARE top and skirt (shown here)♥

POHUI MainstoreMP Store/Flickr/Flickr Group/Facebook


  • House: (Painted Pixels) PP – Neptune (Sense Exclusive), 56Li, C/NM/NT, includes a hud to control windows/walls(inside-outside)/trim/molding♥
  • Lounge:  (EVHAH) evh Cretan lounger, with rezbox, includes 2 loungers (9Li each), 2 lamps (2Li each), table (2Li), drinks (2Li), bird cage (6Li) and plant (5Li)♥
  • Tree: (Little Branch) LB_TulipTree.v2{Animated}4Seasons_Pack, includes the tree itself (7Li), buffalograss (4Li), snakeweed (2Li) and hill (1Li) all shown here

Sense Event FacebookFlickr/Sepaphim/Blog

Also Used:

  • Hairstyle: Foxy – Ina Hair GROUP GIFT
  • Hat&Glasses: Ohemo – Buckle hats & retro shades set – (Hello Tuesday 09/24)
  • Pose: GingerFish Poses – Hot Nights (pose 3)

Happy Shopping!!!



By AmandaSole

Sense of autumn





The red of the apples, the warm orange and browns of the leaves and the purple and red colors of the sky and her dress give her the good sense of autumn. Better these colorful September days, then the gray, rainy, misty November days for me.

The sense of autumn also has to do with the new round of the Sense event, that is running now. From that event i am showing you the dress from Azul, the glasses from :: DS ::, the garter from Romazin, the lounge set  from EVHAH ( with table and lamps) and the home from PP.
The lounge set comes with a color hud with several textures. The table comes with a drinks giver. Nic’s dress you can buy in several colors. The garter come with a color hud for the metals and gems. The glasses have also a color hud for the metals and glass.
The home has one large room ( very useful). Land impact is 56.

I used a set from TLC with wild boars. Unlinked all and then used the parts: the boars; the grape trees ( i potted them)

Nic’s hair is a new release at Magika. The skin is skin Kim from 7 Deadly s[K]ins at eBENTO.
The shoes from Mosquito’s Way are a good match in my opinion because of the color and the golden metals. In the package you can choose many colors of the shoe and metals.

Dress: -AZUL-at SENSE  -AZUL- Shelby /iolite (NEW)
Glasses: :: DS :: at SENSE – :: DS :: Kim Glasses (NEW)
Garter: Romazin at SENSE – Romazin – Garter <Gina> (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins  at eBENTO – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – KIM lights (NEW)
Shoes: Mosquito’s Way – Mosquito’s Way – Adele
Hair: Magika – Magika – Sierra (NEW)
From inventory: head _ LeLutka; body – Maitreya

Home: PP at SENSE– PP – Neptune – Sense Exclusive Home LI 56 (NEW)
Lounger set: EVHAH at SENSE – evh Cretan lounger (NEW)
Apples: DISORDERLY. at Arcade – DISORDERLY. / Harvest Apples / Loose Apples (gacha)
Apples stand : DISORDERLY. at Arcade – DISORDERLY. / Harvest Apples / Stand (gacha)
Apples ladder: DISORDERLY. at Arcade – DISORDERLY. / Harvest Apples / Ladder (gacha)
Shrubs and grass: little branch at Flourish – LB_RedLeafShrub{Animated}*mesh_Pack(NEW)
Field with daisies: CJ Creations – CJ Creations ShopGift August 2019 (free)
From inventory; Wheel barow – Serenity Style; Large tree – Skye; blanket stool – dust bunny; TLC – wild boars set; heater -{what next}; room divider – (what next}; goose-neck lamps – Soy.; long hedera – Soy.
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval