Spicy Gentleman’s Escape


The Spicy event is still running. So if you want make a Gentleman’s Escape place go there and buy the full set  from Naughtybits. On the pictures you can see some items but there is much more in the pack. On the pictures you can see the fireplace, a wall decor, the Masters sofa (many animations/ 3 some also), the standing lamp, the globe, the slave cushion (RLV), the rug and the potted plant. Nic is showing a sit pose and a dance pose of the cushion. Many animations are in the cushion. I asked José to help me to sit as a master male, drinking his whiskey. In the pack you can also find for example a bookcase (BDSM /RLVwith animations), a master’s post, a slave display(RLV/many animations), slave rack with tools ( RLV /animations). Those were a bit too heavy for the blog to show. Try all at the event. All together has a very affordable price.
The fireplace and some other items i wanted make smaller. That was possible when you unlink the items and after making smaller link them again.
In front of the window i placed an Elven Glass screen from 3rd Eye for a bit privacy. Comes with a color hud and candles (not shown here). The screen is also available at Spicy.
Cute in the decor are the new released Chow Chows from Foxwood at Kustom9. You get 3 versions in the pack. You can buy this red pack or white or black. In the pack is a holdable chow chow.
The ottoman under the chess set is from Nutmeg. Chess set from Tartessos Arts.

Nic is wearing a jumpsuit from *SK*. Comes in several colors. Available at the Sense event. The shoes are a 5ld gift fat pack from [Stephanel] at marketplace. Comes with a large hud.
As promised the same skin from 7 Deadly s [K]ins as in the post before this one. Now you can see the skin better. Available at Shiny Shabby.

Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Shiny Shabby – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – MARGO lights
Jumpsuit: *SK* at Sense – *SK* Ginger  (NEW)
Shoes: [StephaneL] –  [StephaneL] MARILENA SHOES (5ld)
From inventory: Hair – TRUTH (gg); head – LeLutka; body – Maitreya; necklace – EarthStones

José is wearing a suit from Deadwool and hair from Dura (U97)

Gentleman’s Escape room ( see text): [NB] at Spicy –  [NB] ~ Gentleman’s Escape Fatpack (NEW)
Elven Galls Screen: 3rd eye at Spicy – 3rd eye ( ADD ME )  Elven Glass Screen (NEW)
Chow Chow ( 2 static and 1 holdable): Foxwood at Kustom 9 – Foxwood – Chow Chow – Set Red (NEW)
Ottoman: Nutmeg. – part of Nutmeg. Warm Respite Leather Armchair Set PG
From inventory: chess set – [TA]; plant ( left) – dust bunny; book piles – Nutmeg. (old gift); blanket piles – Nutmeg.; curtains – Nomad; building – Scarlet Creative.; vases – Nutmeg.; library bust – Nutmeg.; plant to the right ( PLAAKA); whip – *Fapple; whisket bottle – Apple Fall; whiskey bottle and glasses – Salacity; my rules – *Fapple
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval



♥SKIN:[Glam Affair] Annie  Applier [ Genus ] 008
♥APPLIERS: Glam Affair – Body Applier  [ maitreya ]  A-008  
SHAPE: [Glam Affair]  The Face ~ Genus – Aslay ~ Shape (modifiable)
♥EYEBROWS: The Face The Face ~ Genus – Anita ~ Eyebrows (modifiable)

♥HEADGENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W001 – Mocap   
EYES:  The Face ~ Genus – Sexy ~ Eyes palette

♥HAIR:  Exile::  Gwen @COLLABOR88 
PIERCING:  [ kunst ] – Piercing #7
♥DECOR: FaceDesk – Mid-Century Modern Livingroom Set PG
 FaceDesk – Amethyst Geode End Table@SENSE EVENT MARCH
 FaceDesk – Crescent Moon Coffee Table@SENSE EVENT MARCH
FaceDesk – Mid-Century Modern Chair *PG*@SENSE EVENT MARCH
FaceDesk – Mid-Century Modern Sofa *PG*@SENSE EVENT MARCH
 FaceDesk – Rose Quartz Geode End Table@SENSE EVENT MARCH
 FaceDesk – Rose Quartz Geode End Table@SENSE EVENT MARCH
FaceDesk – Saffire Geode End Table@SENSE EVENT MARCH


By  dafnisclothes





♥SKIN: [Glam Affair] Naya Layer [Lelutka] 008 A
♥APPLIERS: Glam Affair – Body Applier  [ maitreya ]  A-008
♥HAIR: .: fiore :. Alessia Curly (flexi) @KUSTOM9
♥HAIRBASE: Lefort by Revoul REVOUL – Tusa Hairbase / BOM 4
♥SHAPE:  Glam Affair – Lelutka  – Naya Shape
♥HEAD: LeLUTKA  .Head.Nova.1.0
♥BODY: Maitreya  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.0
♥OUTFIT: -ADI- Ina leather skirt  – MAitreya 1 pink @SENSE EVENT FEBRUARY
 -ADI-Ina leather top – Maitreya pink @SENSE EVENT FEBRUARY

♥GLASSES:  ASURA. Lolita Loving Glasses Copper  @SENSE EVENT FEBRUARY
EYES:  UniCult – Lost Eyes – ALL Mesh Eyes Pack @AENIGMA EVENT 23 FEB

♥CHOKER: CELESTE – Tainted Love Neck Corset – Lara


By dafnisclothes

KELLY – LOOK #2277


Good morning!

eBENTO January round ends in a at the end of the month – which means you have only a bit time to get some of the items which you see in this post. I combined them with Sense Event items – both fit perfectly together here:



Head: Catwa – Catya
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins – JULIE omega FACE&BODY dew (eBENTO)
Make up:
{LP}- Kyara Eyeliners [#2] -Catwa (eBENTO)
.:: StunnerOriginals ::. LipGloss Reddish (Sense Event)
Nails: JAM Nails Pois (eBENTO)
Outfit: Sweet Kajira – KELLY (Sense Event)
Footwear: [Sheba] Alisha Booties (Sense Event)
Accessories/Jewelry: glutz . pricked collar (eBENTO)

Furniture/Decor: Armonia Decor Pouf and Wall Decor (Sense Event)

your taxi to:

eBENTO: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/EBENTO/131/127/21

Sense Event: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DreamsLand/168/125/1501

Catwa: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Catwa%20Clip/144/114/24


By Syleena Sheridan




♥SKIN: [Glam Affair] Naya Layer [Lelutka] 008 D

♥APPLIERS: Glam Affair – Body Applier  [ maitreya ]  A-008
SHAPE:[Glam Affair]   Glam Affair – Lelutka  – Naya Shape

EYES: LeLUTKA.Eyes.Nova.1.0
♥HAIRBASE: Tableau Vivant \\ Lelutka HB 09 – Black @Kustom9
♥HAIR: Tableau Vivant \\  Tableau Vivant \\ Cinderella wig – Fatpack (unpacked)

♥OUTFIT:    AnaSTyle – Arya Black (WEAR)*  @SENSE EVENT 
♥BAG:  Kokoro Poses – Bag 05  *Mirror* *add*@SENSE EVENT 
♥HOUSE :   PP – Penthouse  @SENSE EVENT 
♥EARS: .:[PUMEC] :.  – / Mesh Ears\   –  Illusion (Group Gift)

♥SKIN: [Glam Affair] Annie  Applier [ Genus ] 008
♥APPLIERS: Glam Affair – Body Applier  [ maitreya ]  A-008
SHAPE: [Glam Affair]  [Glam Affair] Annie Shape ( Genus )
♥EYEBROWS: [theSkinnery] Bento Genus Eyebrow Shaper

♥HEADGENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W001 – Mocap   
EYES:  The Face ~ Genus – Sexy ~ Eyes palette

♥OUTIFIT: SWEET KAJIRA * SK * Kelly FATPACK Sweeter and corse (unpackme) @SENSE EVENT 
SWEET KAJIRA  * SK * Kelly FATPACK Pants and Belt (unpackme) @SENSE EVENT 
♥HAIR: MINA Hair – Ariel (bigger breasts)


By  dafnisclothes




The color purple is fitting today. Google the meaning of the color. In the meaning of colors, purple and violet represents the future, the imagination of dreams, while spiritually calming the emotions. They inspiring and enhance psychic ability and spiritual enlightenment, while at the same time keeping us grounded.
When i was making the pictures all around Nic got this purple touch because of the sort of light i used.

Nic is wearing a sexy combination from *SK*. The top with corset and the pants with the belt. You can buy them at the Sense event in two separate packs. The fat pack gives you more opportunities to mix and match.  Nic’s elegant shoes you also can find at the Sense event. They come with a good color hud to change many parts of the shoes.
Nic is wearing skin Maan from 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Designer Showcase. She is wearing skin tone pineapple.
In the decor you see a new release from Serenity Style, the herbalist set, available at the January round of the Belle event. The set includes a desk ( 1LI) , Stool (1LI), suitcase, open book, scissors, jars and books (1LI) each. The country hanging chair is an earlier release from Serenity Style.  You can find the chair in the main shop in an PG and Adult version, two chair textures and four textures for the fabrics ( change via menu). The animations are very good.
In the decor you can see the window decor and lantern ( with white flowers), the new groupgift from DJ/SF.  You can put your own texture in the window (its a separate face). Other items used are from Nic’s inventory. The picture of the fox i got from a very talented dear friend. Wishing him all the best these days.

Top with corset: *SK* at Sense – * SK * Kelly  Sweeter and corse (NEW)
Pants with belt: *SK* at Sense – * SK * Kelly  Pants and Belt (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Designer Showcase – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – MAAN lights (NEW)
Shoes: [StephaneL] at Sense – [StephaneL] STEFY SHOES (NEW)
From inventory: hair – Doux (Mona); body – Maitreya; head – LeLutka

Window & Lantern decor: DJ.SF – DJ.SF Window & Lantern Decor (GG/ free/ group join 20 ld)
Hanging chair: Serenity Style – Serenity Style- Country Hanging Chair
The Herbalist set: Serenity Style at BELLE – The Herbalist Set (NEW)
From inventory: hanging sneakers worn – Nutmeg.; orchids – Chez Moi; entry bench – DJ/SF; rug – unKindness; spring sprouts – [ keke ] ; painters manequen – Bazar; plant – dust bunny; rays – Alirium; hanging lamps – hive //; apothecary lamp – Pilot; pot’s decor – MADRAS; pile of 3 pots – -Mint-,  seed beds – [InsurreKtion]; fox painting – from a friend; greenhouse – Chez Moi; artic fox – Jian
Bye bye, Nic


By Nicandra Laval

Out To Lunch


POST 242 Out To Lunch
Head ↝ Genus Classic  〜 GENUS
Body ↝ Maitreya Mesh Body 〜 Store
           Eyes ↝ Luminous Eyes 〜 Aqua 〜 Avi.Glam
Hair ↝ Verge 〜 Blonde 〜 Bento Fitted 〜 Stealthic

↝ Pants, Sweeter and Corse 〜 Kelly 〜 @ Sense Event 〜 January 18th to February 8th  Sweet Kajira

Fit for Maitreya Lara

Comes in  10 Colors

↝ Bag 〜 Whimn 〜 eBento Event 〜 Starts December 11th 〜 My Bags by Mila Blauvelt
Bag with pose hand and pose arm 〜 Marketplace
Comes in 9 Colors

↝ Glasses 〜 Irina 〜 @ Sense Event 〜 January 18th to February 8th 〜 Deep Static
14 Frame Textures, 8 Earpiece Textures, 11 Lens Textures
Transparency 0-100%


↝ Earrings 〜 Margalo 〜 @ Sense Event 〜 January 18th to February 8th 〜 Bliensen + Maitai
2 Metal Colors and 7 Gems Colors

↝ Lipgloss 〜 Reddish 〜 @ Sense Event 〜 January 18th to February 8th  Stunner Originals
For Catwa, Genus, Omega Appliers
Comes in 9 Colors

This look is for a Sponsored Event