A few days are left for the Sense Event, take a look at the new Denver’s Shape, the Miranda hair by Fabia and the cool jeans outfit with boots by Beautiful Dirty Rich.
The decor is also available at Sense: The bathroom by The Jewel Garden.


Head: Catwa – Catya
Shape: Denver’s Shape – Korina (Sense Event)
Hair: Fabia – Miranda (Sense Event)
Outfit: Beautiful Dirty Rich – Flora dress (Sense Event)
Footwear: Beautiful Dirty Rich – Flora boots (Sense Event)
Accessories/Jewelry: Fortuna – Tiffany set (Sense Event)

[Posh] Wood Blinds (Sense Event)
The Jewel Garden -Bathroom (Gacha @ Sense Event)

your taxi to:

Sense Event: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DreamsLand/168/125/1501

Catwa: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Catwa%20Clip/144/114/24


By Syleena Sheridan

Your summer magic


Dear reader. Hope your nice Monday!

I have not login to Sl for 3 days.
my RL was busy but and more reason i have. i was watching the video of “KINGDOM”.
This is animation that story of Old China of BC over 200.
I have not interested in about China History at all. but now i have a little 🙂



Credit @ Little branch in Boardwalk event
LB_BeachSand-v1{Low Li}

Credit @ Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes in Sense event
Beer Boat -Drinks Buffet
Food Boat – Buffet
Aphrodite Buffet Boat Lights wire decorative

Credit @ LOP BACKDROP  in Sense event
Spring 2 For Sense

Credit @ EVHAH in Sense event
evh Maldivas shower
evh Maldivas Plant
evh bag shower

Credit @ The Jewel Garden in Sense event “Bathroom Gacha”
The Jewel Garden – Bathroom Gacha – Clawfoot Tub
The Jewel Garden – Bathroom Gacha – Towel Rack
The Jewel Garden – Bathroom Gacha – Wall Art 1
The Jewel Garden – Bathroom Gacha – Wall Art 3
The Jewel Garden – Bathroom Gacha – Cabinet
The Jewel Garden – Bathroom Gacha –  Wall Art 2

Credit @ .:Tm:.Creation in Swank
[The Spring] Garden Arrangement GM29

Enjoy and have fun!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

By  xkumomix

♛ 146 ♛





Going home


Dear reader. Hope your good weekday 🙂

Sense April is opened from 18th to 8th of next month.
I have visiting to the sim on every round.  and i am enjoying just looking new items.
beautiful fashion items, and lovely home and decor items.
I hope you also enjoy and happy shopping.


Credit @ Sense April
Shop : {Your Dreams} “Suburb House”Gacha
House : {YD}Suburb House – House RARE
Sofa : {YD}Suburb House – Pink Sofa
Sofa : {YD}Suburb House – White Sofa
Rug : {YD}Suburb House – Aya Rug
Rug : {YD}Suburb House – Emmit Rug
Rug : {YD}Suburb House – Cayra Rug
Table : {YD}Suburb House – Coffee Table
Table decor : {YD}Suburb House – Salami
Table decor : {YD}Suburb House – Succulent
Drawer : {YD}Suburb House – Drawer
cup shelf : {YD}Suburb House – Cupboard

Shop : The Jewel Garden “FrontHallGacha”
Shelf : The Jewel Garden – Front Hall Bench (Rare)
hanging rack : The Jewel Garden – Front Hall Hangers
decor : The Jewel Garden – Front Hall Flower Vase
decor : The Jewel Garden – Front Hall Purse & Keys
mat : The Jewel Garden – Front Hall Mat
rain boot : The Jewel Garden – Front Hall Rubber Boots
magazine rack : The Jewel Garden – Front Hall Magazine Rack
Half shelf : The Jewel Garden – Front Hall Shelf
Hanging light : The Jewel Garden – Front Hall Light

Shop : Parke Ave
Shade : [PA] Pleated Roman Shade – Chocolate
Shado : [PA] Pleated Roman Shade – Coffee Cafe’

Shop : Ananas
wall board : Ananas// Word Board

Credit @ Sway’s in Gacha land “Sway’s [Emoji] Mini Flowerpots” gacha
From left …
Shelf : Sway’s [Board] Simple Shelf – small
Sway’s [Emoji] Mini Flowerpot 03/10
Sway’s [Emoji] Mini Flowerpot 04/10
Sway’s [Emoji] Mini Flowerpot 06/10
Sway’s [Emoji] Mini Flowerpot 09/10
Sway’s [Emoji] Mini Flowerpot 02/10 RARE
Sway’s [Emoji] Mini Flowerpot 07/10 RARE
Sway’s [Emoji] Flowerpot GLE

Credit @ [CIRCA] living
[CIRCA] – “Ostara” Ottoman – Damask – Skye (36 pos)
[CIRCA] – “Ostara” Bowl Vase – Lily Plant – Violet Ceramic*
[CIRCA] – “Ostara” Bowl Vase – Lily Plant – Teal Ceramic*

Its so lovely pot flower by Sway’s in Gacha land. if not rare, you will just love to this!
and please do not miss to visit to CIRCA living main store too.

Enjoy and have fun 🙂
Thanks for coming to my blog.

By  xkumomix

fragile…handle with care





Fragile… handle with care. All the stuff in the garage box must be packed.  But also handle Nic with care. She is feeling fragile (read > the person behind Nic is feeling herself fragile) because of things that impressed her deeply.
So much violence is there in the world. How does a mother and a father feel after a loss of three of their four children? It must be a horror for them …a horror that will never end. I feel sadness and compassion for them. Why, oh why are people killing innocent people?
Nic isn’t looking happy on these pictures it is an unconscious refection of the photographers mood, i think.

Back to the garage box. To clean up and pack isn’t Nic’s big hobby.
The garage box with the shelves, the grey hanging lamp, tires with rag, paint tins with a green cloth and the soft brown boxes filled with things are from the gacha from Elfico penso at Sense. Also in the garage box are gacha items from the front hall gacha from the Jewel Garden from another gacha at Sense. From that gacha you see the bench , a mat, rubber boots, the hangers, brown hanging lamps.
From MADRAS you can see the Dhamu decor items; the bell decor, the pot and the mirror candle ( see on the bench). There is also a glass table included /not shown here). All available at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room.
More boxes ( those are more yellow brown) are from the spring clean backdrop boxes from Ninax at the Dark Side 4 Event ( till April 30th). The chair and Nic’s poses are from the same shop, the March group gift, available at Dark Side 4 too.
Dancer borrowed me the cat in the box from a gacha from (fd) and the cat with the paint from a gacha from MooH at Dark Side 4.

Nic is wearing a jacket and shorts from Ricielli’s Easter hunt. Every item is 15ld. You still can go there. On a board in the shop you can see what you can get.
Nic’s necklace with syringe and a stethoscope are from Bonita Store at Sense. Comes also with a heart with little colorful stones ( not shown here). The tattoo is from Kyra TattOO at Sense ( for  Belleza, Omega, Maitreya, TMP, Signatuure and Slink)


Jacket: Ricielli – Ricielli – EASTER HUNT 2019 / Item #5 (15ld)
Shorts: Ricielli – Ricielli – EASTER HUNT 2019 / Item #13(15ld)
Tattoo: ~ Kira TattOO at Sense– ~ Kira TattOO Selvaggia (NEW)
Necklace: *Bonita* at Sense – *Bonita* necklace chance (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Dubai – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – JULIA plain skin tone pineapple (NEW)
Pose and stool: NinaX at Dark Side 4 – NinaX March 2019 GG ( Free/ group join fee 50ld)
From inventory: body – Belleza (Freya); head – LeLutka; hair – Doux (Air); shoes – Versov

Garage box: Elfico penso at Sense – Elfico penso: Little Storage (gacha/NEW)
Front Hall items: The Jewel Garden at Sense – Front hall gacha The Jewel Garden – Gacha (NEW/gacha)
Boxes: NinaX at Dark side 4 – NinaX Spring Clean Backdrop Boxes ( 10ld)
Dhamu decor items: MADRAS at CSR- MADRAS Dhamu Decor (NEW)
Cat in box: Fashionably Dead – (fd) Cat 18 Peeking in box RARE
Cat with paint: MOoH at Dark Side 4 – MOoH Cat white paint (gacha/ 40ld)
From inventory: paint tins an jar with paint brushes – Allouette; Dutchie – trash (free); broken tv – Mesh India ( now MADRAS)
Pictures made at:[WoS] Missing Mile Soap
Bye bye, Nic ( thanks to Dancer for her tips and help!)

By Nicandra Laval