Puppy pool party! BYO treats


{Your Dreams} Gacha Pool Set @ Sense Event
– {YD}Summer pool – Pool RARE
– {YD}Summer pool – Inflatable (different colors)
– {YD}Summer pool – Watter Ballons
– {YD}Summer pool – Men’s Items
-{YD}Summer pool – Lounger
-{YD}Summer pool – Women’s Items
<Aphrodite> Beer Boat -Drinks Buffet @ Sense Event
{what next} Caliente mini BBQand Picnic Plates @ Mainstore
{what next} Caliente BBQ (yellow) (many options)
{what next} Caliente Kebabs & Corn Plate – decor only
{what next} Caliente Burger Plate (lime) (dispenser)
{what next} Caliente Hotdog Plate (blue) (dispenser)
Rezz  Room American Bully Puppies and Adult @Mainstore
[Rezz Room] American Bully Puppy Duo
[Rezz Room] American Bully Puppy Walk
[Rezz Room] American Bully Puppy Sit
.peaches. My Sunshine Beach Daiquiri @Mainstore
TLC Flamingos and small island (in the background) @Mainstore
Little Branch-Bougainvillea{Animated}Seasons @Mainstore

Other credits

+Half-Deer+ Starbreeze Palm Tree – Tall Curved – Hot Pink
+Half-Deer+ Fairylight Balloons – Garden Party – Group
Apple Fall Summer Parasol
tarte. beach lights – assembled
+Half-Deer+ Windblown Ribbons – Rainbow – Pole (windy)


By Timaaj

[desires of fun and free life…if only]


A life made up of only vacation time.

Featuring items from 6th Republic Event

– Elm. Summertime Dock [no cover]
– Elm. Summertime Dock Hammock [PG]
– Elm. Summertime Dock Extension

Items from FaMESHed event

JIAN Asian Arowana Pond Enclosure
JIAN Pond Grass – Full w/ Moss
JIAN Asian Arowana – Static Circle 2
JIAN Asian Arowana – Static Circle
JIAN Asian Arowana – Static Float

Items from Sense event (now open)

Aphrodite- Food Boat – Buffet
Aphrodite Buffet Boat Lights wire decorative

TLC items at The Cosmopolitan (today is last day) you can find them at the Mainstore after.

TLC Flamingo Mini Island*
TLC Flamingo [Walking]*
TLC Flamingo [Feeding]*
TLC Flamingo [One Leg]*

{what next} items available at the Mainstore

{what next} Southsea Deck Chair
{what next} Southsea Table
{what next} Southsea Lantern
{what next} Southsea Books Decor
{what next} Oasis Bloom – Tall Cactus Planter
{what next} ‘Spring Bloom’ Daffodil Planter

Refuge – Tropica Umbrella Blue @ Mainstore

Little Branch_TropicalPalm{Animated} @Boardwalk Event

Other credits
tarte. beach lights

By Timaaj

[marks remain from all the places you have been]


“War inside my mind, behind my eyes, is coming down

For the thousandth time, I feel too numb, to even mind”




Dastardlly-Mory Dress @Fameshed X Event

[ kunst ] – Sheffield Armchair (adult animations) @Fameshed X Event

[ kunst ] – Sheffield Sofa (adult animations) @Fameshed X Event

* SORGO – Maki Shades (Displayed in hand) @Dubai Event

Aurealis. [Inda Sun Gacha] Knot Bracelet @Dubai Event

Remezzo Maitreya Shocoon Heels @Dubai Event

*Bonita* bento rings funny animals gold @ Sense Event

– shanghai – Xain Earring Black @ Sense Event


Wasabi // Rhiannon Mesh Hair @ Fantasy Fair

(Every year the Fantasy Faire contributes to raise money for Relay for Life through the sale of special items kindly donated by the participant stores. )

By  Timaaj