You bring your own weather to the picnic…


Featured Items from  SENSE Event June (June 18th-July8th)

  • Swimsuit: [Vips Creations] – Female Swimsuit – [Genesis]-10 mix&match options
  • Glasses: Deep Static :: DS :: Blysse Glasses (hud driven/ multiple options)
  • Picnic Items: DUST: Picnic Gacha (includes blanket/books/picnic games/lamps/apple bowl/cheese&wine/radio/basket/shade tent)
  • Tropical plants&rocks: .:Tm:.C. M24 Tropical Arrangement
  • Hammock: Bloom! – Hammock Green (comes in 3 colors/includes the tree)

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By AmandaSole

Enjoying my garden:


Glasses: :: DS :: Blysse Glasses.
Included is a customization HUD. Using the HUD you can change the textures of various parts of the glasses, some transparencies, and resize them.

Hair: [Letituier] Salete Hair – Browns

Clothes: Nocturnal Couture
[NC] Saray Jeans – N03
[NC] Saray Tops – Purple

Deco, Garden plants: : .:Tm:.C. M24 Tropical Arrangement

Nail:  N.Kolour: Palm Leaves Nail Applier – Compatible with Omega, Maitreya, Slink and Vista



June round


By Ari Urvile (for more pictures)

Post 042 – Vips Creations, StunnerOriginals, Kozy Korner and Tm Creations @ Sense


ѕponѕor credιтѕ

Swimsuit: Genesis
→ Available for Maitreya, Legacy, SlinkHG, SlinkPHY, Belleza Freya and Belleza Venus / With Color/Texture HUD (6 Solid and 4 Pattern)

From Vips Creations @ Sense from 18.06 – 08.07.2020

Mak-up: Lipstick Shifty and Eyeshadow Shifty
 Available for Catwa, Omega, Genus, Lelutka and as tattoo layers for BakesOnMesh in 9 Colours / Can be bought individually or as Fatpack / Copy/NoMod/NoTrans

From StunnerOriginals @ Sense from 18.06 – 08.07.2020

Outdoor Furniture: Simply a Hammock
→  18LI / 2 options available (PG/ADULT) / With Texture Menu / Solo/Couple/Threesomes Animations / Copy|Modify|No Transfer

From Kozy Korner @ Sense from 18.06 – 08.07.2020

Deko: Tropical Arrangement  M24
  You can unlink all pieces and use them as you wish / Available in  permission: Copy|Modify|No Transfer OR Transfer|Modify|No Copy / 12LI, 
From Tm Creations @ Sense from 18.06 – 08.07.2020 (10% Discounted during Event)

oтнer credιтѕ

Head: CATWA HEAD Freya (Catwa)

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara (Maitreya)
Eyes: Charm Eyes – Abyss (IKON)
Claws: Essential Dirty Claws (CerberusXing)
Ears: Short Ripped Ears Ice (Gauze/Trap)
Hair: Rina Hair (C’est la vie!)

Pose: Sunny Days 1 (Secret Poses)
Floatie:  Sea Witch Floatie (sonder)

Today Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̄Ʒ FASHIONABLE LOOK # 477 Ƹ̵̡̡Ӝ̵̄Ʒ features


 *** SENSE  EVENT –  JUNE  ROUND – POST 1 – 1 Hundred, Bliensen, Bloom, DS (Deep Static), Letituier, StunnerOriginals, Tm Creations ***
1 Hundred. Hott Chic. Tangerine
This is  an outfit  for 
 Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̄Ʒ  Belleza (Freya)
 Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̄Ʒ  Slink ( Hourglass),
 Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̄Ʒ  Legacy
 Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̄Ʒ  Maitreya,  
Available also in Cherry, Fuschia, Lemon, Pink, Tangerine and Violet.
* HAIR *
[Letituier] Salete Hair – Browns
The Letituier brand is inspired by the style Avant Garde. Exquisite, innovative and daring are the three words that define the concept of the brand, bringing sophisticated products, harmonic and simple for current fashion
:: DS :: Blysse Glasses
Included is a customization HUD. Using the HUD you can change the textures of various parts of the glasses, some transparencies, and resize them.
Bliensen + MaiTai – Undine’s pearls – necklace  – silver
Available  also in gold.
.:: StunnerOriginals ::. Fatpack Shifty
.:: StunnerOriginals ::. Eyeshadow Shifty & .:: StunnerOriginals ::. Lipstick Shifty
Contains : 
– Catwa applier 
– Omega applier
– Genus applier
– Lelutka applier
– Tattoo layers for BakesOnMesh
[M24] Tropical Flowers Rocks Arrangement C/M
.:Tm:.Creation Tropical Flowers Rocks Arrangement M24
Exclusive for Sense Event 
10% Discount
Bloom! – Hammock Blue
A beautiful Hammock with singles  and  couples menu. 
Available in Blue, Black and Green. 
Includes a beautiful  tree.
All Exclusive items  for 
June Round.
This  Round  runs  from  June 18th  to July 8th.  
♥ Event Location ♥
SENSE EVENT / Celestinas Weddings / ALTER, DreamsLand (168, 125, 1501) – Moderate

Picnic With the Bears


Baby Rissa had a picnic with the Bears!
After eating, she thought it might be fun to practice with her hula hoop…

The Juliana Jumpsuit is made for TD Baby and Kid and is available at the Sense Event!
Available in six colors, or you can get the fatpack and receive a bonus floral print!
Here are just a few of the items available in the Summer Picnic Gacha by DUST.
The gacha key is at the end of the blog post ..
The Hammock and Tree are new by Bloom and available at the Sense Event!
Available in three colors…
Hayabusa always makes such lovely trees..
This newest one has many season, bark and wind options, all on an easy-to-use pop up menu.
This lovely arrangement of tropical flowers and rocks is new by Tm Creation…

⚜   ⚜   ⚜   ⚜
⚜ ⚜ Credits ⚜ ⚜
Juliana Jumpsuit by Baby Ghee(currently available at the Sense Event)
Hair: A Perfect Mess by Magika
Badseed Bebe Body & Head
 ⚜ ⚜ Decor Information ⚜ ⚜
All Decor available at the Sense Event

Decor: Hammock (blue) by Bloom
Decor: Summer Picnic Gacha Set by DUST
Decor: Sakura Young M4-1 Mirai hand by Hayabusa Design

Decor: [M24] Tropical Flowers Rocks Arrangement by Tm Creation
 ⚜ ⚜ Photography Information ⚜ ⚜
Pose: Hula Stand by Sugarflake
Photography by Rissa Bolissima
Baby Ghee
In-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr ⚜ Facebook

Bad Seed
In-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr ⚜ Facebook

In-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr

In-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr ⚜ Facebook ⚜ Web

Hayabusa Design
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In-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr

In-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr

Tm Creation
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Sense Event
Runs 18th – 8th each month
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Hey ! Babe !!!



1 HUNDRED – Hot Chic Outfit -> @ SENSE (June 18 / July 08th)


REMEZZO – Ramonah Heels -> @ ACCESS (June 12th / July 08th)


LIMERENCE – Naomi Hair -> @ COSMOPOLITAN (June 15th / June 27th)


SECRETS – Alisson Diamonds Thight


OSTENTATION – Bettie-3 -> @ POSE FAIR (June 07th / June 28th)


ARTY CREATION – Triumpho Bobber


TM CREATION – Tropical Flowers Rocks -> @ SENSE (June 18 / July 08th)


By Candynette Metaluna

beautiful dirty rich, Chloe


The Chloe Bandeau Top is available in Stripes and Sari Silk!
Each edition has 10 colors included via the texture hud!
⚜ ⚜ ⚜ ⚜
The Chloe Palazzo Pants are available in Stripes and Linen!
Each edition has 8 colors included via the texture hud!
⚜ ⚜ ⚜ ⚜
Saber is a set of 6 Bento Poses by KIEW Animations.
Curve and Slim versions are included.
⚜ ⚜ ⚜ ⚜
The lovely tropical arrangement is new Tm Creation and available currently at the Sense Event!
The Ophelia Glasses include a texture and resize hud!
Choose from 15 textures each for the frames and temple front, six metals and 10 tints for the lens texture. oh and you can choose lens transparency fro 0% all the way to 100%!!
The Rose Heels will fit Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya and Slink mesh feet.
Four parts of the shoes are hud-powered with 20 colors each…
or if you prefer you can custom tint (on the customize tab).
⚜ ⚜   ⚜ ⚜   ⚜ ⚜  ⚜ ⚜
⚜ ⚜ Rissa is wearing ⚜ ⚜
Chloe Top and Palazzo Pants by Ghee (currently available at the Sense Event)
Hair: Oasis by Truth (available at the main-store!)
Ophelia Glasses by Deep Static (currently available at the Sense Event)
Rose Heels by Beautiful Dirty Rich (currently available at the Sense Event)
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, Hands & Feet ⚜ LeLutka Nova Head

⚜ ⚜ Photography Information ⚜ ⚜
Decor: M23 Tropical Arrangement by Tm Creation (currently available at the Sense Event)
Pose: Saber by KIEW Animations (currently available at the Sense Event)
Photography by Rissa Bolissima
Beautiful Dirty Rich
In-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr ⚜ Facebook

Deep Static
In-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr ⚜ Facebook

In-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr ⚜ Facebook

KIEW Animations
In-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr ⚜ Facebook

Tm Creation
In-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr ⚜ Facebook

In-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr ⚜ Facebook

Sense Event
Runs 18th – 8th each month
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Stay With Me


POST 340 Stay With Me
Head ↝ Genus Classic  〜 GENUS
Body ↝ Maitreya Mesh Body 〜 Store
           Eyes ↝ Luminous Eyes 〜 Aqua 〜 Avi.Glam

Hair ↝ Kailee 〜 Blonde 〜 Navy&Copper

↝ Dress 〜 Wrap Mini Dress 〜 nsomnia

Fir for Maitreya,  Hourglass, Freya 〜 Marketplace
Comes in 14 Colors 

Shoes 〜 Heather 〜 @ Sense Event 〜 Starts May 18th 〜 Mosquito´s Way

Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Legacy 〜 Marketplace
40  Colors .- 4 Parts 〜 Customizable

Earrings and Necklace〜 Aurelia 〜 @ Sense Event 〜 Starts May 18th 〜Fortuna Jewelry

HUD includes  3 Metals
Thighs Botanical Piece  〜@ Sense Event 〜 Starts May 18th 〜 Apollemis
Omega, Maitreya, Legacy and BOM applers
Left and Right Leg Tattoo
↝ M23 Tropical Arrangement 〜@ Sense Event 〜 Starts May 18th 〜  .:Tm:.Creation
Copy/ Modify
↝ Comet 〜 @ Belle Events 〜Starts May 20th 〜 New 〜 Templar

Couple Pose 〜 Marketplace

Thanks Hiko Smit for his Collaboration Blog