January memory


Dear reader. Wishes your Sunday is beautiful ❤

January will be passed by in very soon and February will come soon.
This year is Olympic year so February is until 29th 😀

Sense January round is running to the 8th February.


Credit @ Painted Pixels in Sense
Skybox : PP – Penthouse

Credit @ Armonia Decor in Sense 
Armonia Decor [AD]  Pouf Monteleon (Red)
Armonia Decor [AD]  Pouf Monteleon (Black)*

Credit @ Elfico penso in Sense
Elfico penso: Amelie DollHouse

Credit @ Sway’s
Sway’s [Amor] Roll Up Window Blind – Narrow . in Love
Sway’s [Amor] Roll Up Window Blind – Wide . in Love
Sway’s Cookie Bear [I love you] (copy version)
Sway’s [Morey] Rope Rug . frost
Sway’s [Morey] Rope Rug . candy apple
Sway’s [Oron] Table

Credit @Refuge  “Luna Collection Gacha”
Refuge – LC Buffet Table
Refuge – LC Hanging Candles A
Refuge – LC Moon Dust
Refuge – LC Star Burst Blue
Refuge – LC Star Burst Gold
Refuge – LC Moon Mirror
Refuge – LC Floor Candle White Lrg
Refuge – LC Floor Candle Blue Sm
Refuge – LC Floor Candle Blue Lrg
Refuge – LC Floor Candle White Sm
Refuge – LC Tapestry B

Kitchen item @ Your Dreams
{YD}Kitchen cabinets – Cabinets
{YD}Kitchen cabinets – Sink cabinets
{YD}Kitchen cabinets – Hanging Cabinet
{YD}Kitchen cabinets – Cabinets 1
{YD}Kitchen cabinets – Bench

Room decor : Astralia – Love doggo edition!

Enjoy and have fun 🙂
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Holiday relaxation


Dear reader.  Wishes your beautiful holiday 🙂

And Today is Christmas Eve.
But i will go to work as like normal day … will be busy grrr



Credit@ Painted Pixels in Sense
House : PP – Dystopian *Detail parts color change by HUD

Credit @ Aphrodite shop / Heart Home in Sense
” Its time for Christmas Decos – Gacha”
<Aphrodite> Xmas Deco Gacha: hohoho sign RARE
<Aphrodite> Xmas Deco Gacha: Xmas stairs
<Aphrodite> Xmas Deco Gacha:  JOY sign
<Aphrodite> Xmas Deco Gacha: Baby its cold outside sign
<Aphrodite> Xmas Deco Gacha: Berries vase
<Aphrodite> Xmas Deco Gacha: Cotton & berries vase

Credit @ EVHAH in Sense
evh Didie tree
evh Didie chair
evh Didie champagne
evh Didie table
evh Didie Rug

Credit @ Facedesk in Sense
FaceDesk – Seasonal Pine Holiday Tree 2
FaceDesk – Seasonal Pine Tree 1
FaceDesk – Seasonal Pine Holiday Tree 1

Credit @ Armonia Decor in Sense
Wall Christmas tree light : Armonia Decor [AD] Tree Merry Christmas Light

Wishes my blog would be help for your Christmas decoration!
Thanks for coming to my blog.


By  xkumomix

Happy Snowing


Dear reader. Hope your Sunday is great!

This snowing is very lovely.
it is released by FaceDesk animesh snowman and he made fall snow when he is dancing 🙂
It is looks so cute and would be very nice to make scenery of winter.


Credit @ The Bearded Guy in Sense event 
backdrop : Heladeria Polo Sur Backdrop – The Bearded Guy

Credit @ Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes in Sense event 
Table : Aphrodite Smores Board – Optional Tablre
Chocolate box : <Aphrodite> Smores Board

Credit @ FaceDesk in Sense event 
Snowman : FaceDesk – Animesh Snowman
Pile of snowball : Pile of Snow Balls

Credit @ EVHAH in Sense event
hanging sofa : evh Cozumel hang
plant : evh Cozumel vase2
plant : evh Cozumel vase3

Tree (left) : LB_WhiteAshTree.V2{Animated}4Seasons by Little branch
Tree (right) : LB_WhiteAshTree{Animated}4Seasons by Little branch
Stool : PrimPossible 1 Prim Stool Version 3 by PrimPossible
Stool ; PrimPossible 1 Prim Stool Version 5
Snow ground : Winter Ground Cover Pine leaves [.:Tm:.] CM by Tm Creation
table decor : .Florix. Autumn Tribute Blue (light) by Florix
table decor : .Florix. Autumn Tribute White by Florix


By  xkumomix

Calm day of horse stable


Dear reader ♥ Wishes your weekday was great and will come nice weekday for you 🙂

Started the weekday already here. so i have to go to work soon.
But before go to work, i would love to share with you this beautiful items.


Credit @ Elfico penso  in Sense event October
Building (left ) : 2. “Elfico penso” – Stables of Duke Orloff – Riding Hall RARE
Building ( right ) : 1. “Elfico penso” – Stables of Duke Orloff – Stable RARE
6. “Elfico penso” – Stables of Duke Orloff – Barrier 1
8. “Elfico penso” – Stables of Duke Orloff – Barrier 3
5. “Elfico penso” – Stables of Duke Orloff – Portal
3. “Elfico penso” – Stables of Duke Orloff – Stall
9. “Elfico penso” – Stables of Duke Orloff – Lamp

Credit @ Sway’s
bench : Sway’s [Amber] Half Circular Bench @ Secret Sunday Sale

Credit @ Little branch
Tree : LB_GrafittiBanyanTree{Animated}*4Seasons
grass : LB_OakGrass_Fall*Summer{Mesh}2Li
Flower : LB_BirdFlower{Limited}

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture
horse fence : Fence & Horses NorthMont Farm CHEZ MOI
Cart : Pasture Wagon NorthMont CHEZ MOI
grass : Grass – White Flowers

Credit @ .Florix. 
table : .Florix. Autumn decor – Table  RED
chair : .Florix. Autumn decor – Chair RED
lantern : .Florix. Autumn decor – Lantern Silver
pumpkin : .Florix. Autumn decor – Pumpkin 01

Pathway : [DDD] Moorside Pathway – Gentle Turn

Sway’s lovely half circle beach was the item of Secret Sunday sales.
am not sure when this post publish still in Sale or not…
but if you miss this week sale, stay tuned until next Sunday ❤

Thanks for coming to my blog.
Enjoy your Secondlife!

Secret Halloween party


Dear reader. Wish you happy Friday!

Tm Creation released Drawer sofa has so so cute black cat on the drawer.
Please check them at Sense event.
Sense event October round is running to the 8th November.
and from tomorrow, most of Japanese worker will have 3 days holiday but i will work on those day!


Credit @ Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes in Sense October
Fireplace <Heart Homes> Harvest Warmth –  Fireplace –  PG

Credit @ Celestinas Weddings in Sense October
chandelier : .:(CW):. Crystal Chandelier Skeleton Hands 5
table : .:(CW):. Karline Wedding Cake Table
cake (tall ) : .:(CW):. Karline Wedding Cake
cake (short) : .:(CW):. Karline Wedding Cake Black Flower
champagne table : .:(CW):. Karline Weddings Set – Champagne Tower (touch)
pumpkin decor : .:(CW):. Pumpkin Light & Spiderweb Gold,Black & White 1
Silk thread : Web 3

Credit @ .:Tm:.Creation in Sense October
Drawer sofa : [Love see You] ADT Old drawer w/ decors B23.a
petal ground cover : ~Roses petals B23

Credit @ Dictatorshop in Terrifying Tale Trail Hunt
Sofa : [Ds] Spooky Sofa – PG v1

wall art : [Park Place] Hidden Night Picture by ParkPlace
wall art :[Park Place] Spirits Wait Picture w/ Animated Fog  by ParkPlace
wall clock : [Park Place] Grandfather Pendulum Wall Clock (V2)  by ParkPlace
vase flower : [Park Place] Dark Purple Tulips in Black Vase  by ParkPlace

Enjoy and happy shopping!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

By  xkumomix

Deep breath.


Dear reader. Hope your great Sunday 🙂

The best season is now for Autumn leaves. Specially i love the red color leaf.
Spring also best season to see but i got impressed from autumn leaves every year.
That is in SL and in RL both.


Credit @ Painted Pixels in Sense October
House : PP – Adobe
*Detail parts color change by HUD

Credit @ FaceDesk in Sense October
Green tree : FaceDesk – All-Season Cuddle Tree Scene w/Falling Leaves
wood deck : FaceDesk – Fall Romance Platform *PG*

Credit @ ~Adorably Strange Wares~ in Sense October
yellow tree : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Trees – Yellow (L)
yellow tree with star : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Lantern Tree
Red tree : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Trees – Red (L)
Pathway : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Pathways – Long
pathway : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Pathways -Short
Pathway : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Pathways – T Junction
leaves ground cover: ~ASW~ The Crisanta Ground Leaves III
leaves ground cover : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Ground Leaves I
hay : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Hay Bales -Light
Hay : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Hay Bales – Leaves
Hay : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Sitting Hay Bales  I
pot : ~ASW~ The Crisanta Plant Set I

Credit @ Little branch in Sense October
Plant : LB_PonyTailPlant{Mesh}*WithPot

wall : <Heart Homes> Spring Gathering – outdoors wall  C @ Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes
bicycle decor : Incendia Autumn Yard Decoration (Shop closed)
Shrub : LB_WeepingWIillowShrub.v1{Animated}*4Seasons by Little branch

Happy shopping!
Thanks for coming to my blog.


By  xkumomix

Pumpkin fever


Dear reader. Hope you enjoying Sunday 🙂

September will end soon!
Are you ready for October? because October is beautiful season. and exciting.


Credit @ FaceDesk in Sense September
“Retro Coffee Lounge Gacha”
Chair : FaceDesk – Chair w/Blanket Set 1
Chair : FaceDesk – Chair w/Pillow Set 1
Plant : FaceDesk – Tropical PlantB Fancy
Plant : FaceDesk – Tropical PlantC Plain 1
table : FaceDesk – CoffeeTable – Olive Wood
Mug : FaceDesk – CoffeeTable – Olive Wood
rug  : FaceDesk – Round Rug w/Cat
rug : FaceDesk – Round Rug w/Dog
wall art : FaceDesk – Art Canvas set 3
wall art : FaceDesk – Art Canvas set 1

Credit @ Elfico penso  in Sense September
“Azure Riviera Gacha”
closet : 6. Elfico penso: Azure Riviera – Beige Closet
ladder : 11. Elfico penso: Azure Riviera – Ladder
work wall : 7. Elfico penso: Azure Riviera – Work Wall RARE
Clock : 12. Elfico penso: Azure Riviera – Desk Clock
Divider : 10. Elfico penso: Azure Riviera – Screen
side table : 9. Elfico penso: Azure Riviera – Small Table

Credit @ [satus Inc] in Sense September
Shelf : [satus Inc] Mini Bar Shelf
*Color change by touch

Credit @ Painted Pixels in Sense September
House : PP – Neptune (Sense Exclusive)

Credit @ The looking Glass  @Weekend sale
Cushion : TLG – Harvest Pouffe ADULT
pillow : TLG – Harvest Cushion Patterns @Weekend sale
Rug : TLG – Harvest Round Rug @Weekend sale

Credit @ Sway’s
Pumpkin decor @Weekend sale
Sway’s [Autumn] Pumpkin decoration . trio – natural
Sway’s [Autumn] Pumpkin decoration . trio – 2
Sway’s [Autumn] Pumpkin decoration . duo – 2
Sway’s [Autumn] Pumpkin decoration . duo – 3
Sway’s [Autumn] Pumpkin decoration . single A – 3
Sway’s [Autumn] Pumpkin decoration . single B – natural
Sway’s [Autumn] Pumpkin decoration . single B – 3
Sway’s [Autumn] Pumpkin decoration . single B – 1

Thanks for coming to my blog.


By  xkumomix